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Straight No Chaser - Like A Prayer (Live @ Songs of the Decades)


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on 28 September 2011 - 10:52am
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Straight No Chaser performs "Like A Prayer" live in Atlantic City, NJ, during their "Songs of the Decades" PBS television special.

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Jules_7's picture

This song is one of the many reasons I fell in love with SNC.

Julie_24's picture

Discovered you guys a couple of days ago and have become obsessed, just love your music. Also so pleased to discover you are playing a gig in York in February, already got tickets and cannot wait to see you there. You have been the best Christmas gift I could have received. Thank You

Christelle's picture

I love guys are make most songs just sound so much bette.!!!!

CindiE's picture

It's a very weird phenomenon.....once you hear SNC do a song......can't hardly stand to hear the original any more.....just want to hear SNC's version.......or is it just me?? lol! I love SNC!!!!

fly_boy's picture

This song made me register here. Always loved the original, but i love this version way more.
Can`t tell in words how great it is. Its the feeling, the passion.. awsome...
Keep going on ,