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Like A Prayer [Live @ Songs of the Decades]

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on 27 September 2011 - 4:53pm
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Patrick_2's picture

I've said it before. But I must say it again. This is brilliant. A great arrangement. An excellent performance here and in the CD recording. Worthy of a Grammy.

Bowler Bob's picture

visit this site a few times a week. THIS song gives me a MAJOR good feeling

Haley Schmidt's picture

This is fantastic! :)

hellocatrine's picture

Loved yall when we saw you and met you in C Spgs...just got my tix for Ft Collins!

Brandi7997's picture

Saw this performed live in Denver last night. Gave me goose bumps. Absolutely incredible!!

flyergirl97's picture

Yes, EileenR, this is the PERFECT SNC "fix:. I think I'm up to a zillionth and a half. Soooo addicted, can't help it.

EileenR's picture

Watching this for the zillionth time today. Thanks again for the SNC "fix"- we're all in withdrawal!

flyergirl97's picture

When it comes time for me to see that "bright light" and those "pearly gates", this is the song I want to hear. Then I'll know I'm in heaven.

Kay Lynn Staudt-AuntKLS's picture

I keep coming back to watch this. Just blows me away...

KristinC's picture

Sent a link to this video to my co-worker. She talked my ear off about how amazing it was and how it gave her chills. Maybe a new Chaser being born?