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Taking questions about my fantasy football team at a recent press conference...


  • Taking questions about my fantasy football team at a recent press conference...
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jillyj98's picture

Nice joke! I might have to use that one.
Love the picture, love the colts!

Modul8ion's picture

Q: What's the difference between a dollar bill and the Buffalo Bills?

A: A dollar's good for four quarters.

mslorraine's picture


courtney_5's picture

The way he bee-lined for that podium was something to behold.

S.J.'s picture

Bahaha. I'm sensing a little tension. Good thing there are gonna be 2 buses next tour. ^_^

Joanne Harrity's picture

Cool pic. I really like you and trying not to hold it against you but I'm from Pittsburgh. Go Steelers! Ha Ha!

DEBGKLEIN's picture

Freakin hysterical! I love it!
Signed - The Only Colts Fan In Baltimore LOL!!

Kathy Burke's picture

I'm with you all the way, Ryan!!!

Shaina's picture

Well, Mr. Trepp, you should set up a press conference as well then! :o)

Tyler_2's picture

Too bad your team's gonna SUCK. Tyler!!


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