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I Will Explain All Of This Soon...


  • I Will Explain All Of This Soon...
    Posted by: Ryan
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Courtney Fife McNett's picture

I love this Ryan and I love the blog!!!! You CRACK me up seriously!!!!! You and Lo are like the best comedy duo ever! Wish I could see the two of you do standup/singing/etc live! :) I would pay GOOD money for a show of that magnitude! P.S. The math geek in me is quite proud of your graph!!! Labeled axes, a Title, numbered data, perfect increments! FANTASTIC! :)

JamieLynn's picture

ROFL I am dying laughing!!! On the back of the door??!! And where is said door?? And is this still here?? And who paints the back of a door with chalkboard paint???!?! LOL

Ryan_5's picture

Please see the blog page to have this make sense...

SheriS's picture

Is this a sign that SNC guys are bored on their tour? Or is it a sign we will begin to see "facial hair" soon on SNC crew?

Sarah Liz's picture

yay! looking forward to it.....

Ryan_5's picture

Hi, everyone, Ryan here. I will have a blog about this up so I can explain it thoroughly. In the meantime, enjoy the graph.

Rebecca Perala's picture

Does this count women? ROFLOL

klancy96's picture

Shaina, does it look like one of your AP exam questions?

... wondering if all 10 are going to sport facial hair in that explanation... lol

Shaina's picture

Holy guacamole! That's a LOT of facial hair!

nikki24's picture

I've been following you on twitter, and I can't wait to find out what this is all about!!!!! I'm glad you have so much time on your hands! You guys work so hard! This is hilarious by the way!!!!!


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