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The Man Who Can't Be Moved

The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Appears on: Six Pack (EP)
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on 21 October 2009 - 2:03pm

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

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Jana Huffman's picture

This is such a great song. I can't imagine being loved that deeply. Maybe that's why it brings tears to my eyes.

Larry_5's picture

I fell in love with this group after hearing just this one song......they are truly amazing and I am a big fan

PQ's picture

Absolutely love this rendition! Brings tears to my eyes...

Nesa's picture

I just might have found my favorite SNC song. How can you listen to this song and not be moved? Mike's voice is perfect (as always). Love this! Absolutely amazing!

Michelle Z.'s picture

LOVE!!!! ?

Lynnette Holle's picture

I love this!! Mike is perfection in this. You'll love the "Live in NY" version, Eileen. I've had that DVD for awhile and I watch this song all the time. Absolutely beautiful!! I'd love to see them do this song live.

DottieK's picture

Eileen, "haunting" is the perfect word! Beautiful cover!

EileenR's picture

Finally heard the original today, and while it was good, I have to agree that SNC's version is better. I think the song is more haunting in the a capella arrangement. The guitar & drums on the original just make it a little too... I don't know... peppy or something. Looking forward to seeing the live version when I get my Deluxe Edition "With a Twist" + "Live in New York" next week!!!

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FatalStrik3x's picture

It is amazing how well your voices all fade into one fluid rhythm. Half the time I do not realize there are no instruments. Truly amazing.

GML's picture

Ditto the these last 5 comments, especially Regjo6!!

Regjo6's picture

OMG, thank these guys for this sound. Thank you God for this sound....I needed this sound so bad in my so bad. Thank you God.

scarlette533's picture

Thank you guys. This is truly a beautiful arrangement. It brought tears to my eyes. I am proud to be one of your loyal followers. Your arrangements are always perfection. Thank you again!

bmil's picture

This awesome cover far surpasses the original. The beautiful vocals are intoxicating. Arrangement is exquisite and lead vocals are extraordinary. Savor what you've got here, guys. It's incredible. Your unique gift is all about your collaborative excellence. This song showcases the best of what you've got going on and it's absolutely superb. Congratulations!

Ryan's picture

this is my favorite song from you guys!! like no doubt! it was done really well.

S. Brandon's picture

I do love this song.

Beckina's picture

LOVE this song!

tlsings's picture

Mike-what an awesome lead on this! What a gift and what a treat for the listener! Thanks for this awesome re-make SNC! Love, love, love it!

jayw's picture

What a treat for me: My favorite A Capella group singing one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. You guys did The Script proud. i love your sound and your music! Thank you.

SingForMe's picture

It's been a week since we saw you in Santa Fe and really need you to come back. I'll be waiting for you on the corner of the street. So I'm not moving 'til you come back in the Fall...

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JIX9999's picture

can u put lyrics

Louie's picture

I can listen to this day and night i am truly hooked on these guy's,saw them at Nokia in NYC,and now planning a trip to Atlantic City this summer to see them at Harrah's...

S.J.'s picture

I love The Script...but they do an amazing cover. =)

Kathy Mendoza's picture

Tina, it's Mike.

Tina_4's picture

who sang lead on this one? i love the song, and the lead sounds amazing! i listen to this song repeatedly and fall in love with the lead singer every time :)

Brenda_8's picture

Heard these guys on PBS late 2009. Love them. Amazing. Would love to see them in person! Hey guys, come the the Sovereign Center or Sovereign Performing Arts Center in Reading, PA!

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just plain john's picture

This is a better arrangement of the original by the Irish band; The Style. I love the sung guitar accompaniment. Some TV or movie producer is going to want SNC to do an pop song arrangement for their show, or movie.

klancy96's picture

Wow. This song is awesome.