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Live Your Life and Flo With Whatever You Like


Live Your Life and Flo With Whatever You Like
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on 22 October 2009 - 8:00pm

Live Your Life and Flo With Whatever You Like

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David O'Hara's picture

Can you pleeeeeease make this available to download?!?!?!?!

Abby_6's picture

Love it! Is there a way to buy this?

yarp24's picture

Wow, just wow. I love this. Thank you for showing you can really do all kinds of music. This blew me away. I'm beginning to wonder if there's anything you guys can't do. :)

TraciP's picture

Yee-Haw! Finally a SNC song my son liked! lol he actually likes a few of them, but he really liked this one. =]

Justin Iglesias's picture

This is one of the best mixes I've heard, the three songs mash up wonderfully! Keep it up guys I love it!

Brittain's picture


SingForMe's picture

AAAHHHH...Can we buy this???

Carol B's picture

Now these boys are just showing off!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Michelle Z.'s picture

Where did this come from?! Haha. Love it! :)

Nesa's picture

Woot! I am so loving this song! New side to the fella's. Totally digging it!

DottieK's picture

I had NO IDEA this was here! Yay!!!

Stage 5 Clinger's picture

This is definitely my new favorite SNC song....

TLCostello's picture

OK, I have to know... Will this be on an album any time soon?

atrm's picture

my daughter and i are going to see you all in dallas....any chance you could sing this one at the concert? We CANNOT wait for the show!!!!

MaryDSinTX's picture

Live Your Life and Flo with Whatever You Like sure is one I would like to hear some more. I am digging this song. It is definitely NOT your typical a cappella or SNC fare, which is why you should throw it into your show or on an album, gentlemen.

Brittain's picture

how have I never heard this? I love it!

Brianna's picture

I really wish we could buy this somewhere :(

Deejay's picture

*w00ts all over da room*

giuliohck's picture

i love this song too :D

RichC's picture

One of my favorite songs by them. I'd love to hear more stuff like this tune here.

Janeece's picture

lol WOW! I just came across this! I love it! Awesome!

Shaina's picture

Jillian: Yep!

Jillian's picture

So wait...who exactly is singing on this track then? The original 10 signed to Atlantic?

SheriS's picture

Live Your Life with Flo is on the first album they did about the time they signed with Atlantic. Six Pak is a terrific album but very short as it only has six tracks!

Annie L's picture

I agree, Jillian-I knew it was out there, but somehow never found my way to listen to it-loved it! Also cannot believe it's them :) Good stuff.

Jillian's picture

What have I never heard this? Hahahaha! I seriously would never have believed that this was them if this was not on the site. Too hilarious for words!!!

Tina Gaston's picture


S. Brandon's picture

Julie, there are too many copyrights involved.

Julie Latzo's picture

oh come on guys I've been loving this song for a year, why can't I have it on i tunes ?????

Mystic Moira's picture

I want to dance!