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waterfallprincess (Sara)
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Sara, Christian, 37, writer, reader, walking encyclopedia of nearly useless things, Chaser, musician, small town girl, chocoholic, cat person. :o)
United States
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November 26th
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists: 
SNC, Josh Groban, Ryan Ahlwardt (solo works), Walter Chase and the Airtight, Dan Ponce & Mike Itkoff ("Twenty Nights"), Charlie Mechling (imaginary solo works "Charlie Mechling," "Notes in Low Places" & "Songs and Passionately Spoken Disney Monologues"), Mike Luginbill (solo work), Tyler Trepp (w/ The Hyannis Sound & Ocean's Four), The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Joshua Bell


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Belated shout-out on your profile for being June 2012 COTM! Instead of congratulations it's more appropriate to say "THANK YOU" to the Chasers' Chaser: devoted fan, writer extraordinaire and "unofficial" librarian who if you don't know the fact off the top of your head (which you usually do) keeps the archives to get the answer quickly. You do so much for the guys & fellow Chasers in helping us celebrate everything SNC with your huge *voice* & eloquent words but with a quiet demeanor (never calling attention to yourself). Well, we ALL notice & very much appreciate you SARA DOWLING and wear your very well deserved COTM tiara proudly from now on! (((hugs)))

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aww Thanks, Stacey! :o)

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Thank you for your help.

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Thanks for the nice comment! I'm glad everyone seems to be having fun with the discussion. :)

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Thanks, Sara! Happy Early Birthday to me!!!! :)

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Thanks for the search suggestion, using quotes, but the second and third time around ("Straight No Chaser" and then "Songs of the Decades") did the same thing" anything with "no," "songs," and "decades" in the description came up. Fairly worthless site, if you ask me.

Eileen did find a general schedule, and from that, it appears that it *may* be on kind of a secondary PBS station we get that operates out of Bloomington. Keeping my fingers crossed. :-)

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Bah! Anyone reading that thread now is going to be all like "Whaaa? What link? Where? What is she talking about?" lol #fail

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OH, gosh Sara...I just realized I put the thank you to you for the link on the WRONG THREAD. (embarrassed) I meant to say thank you on Tyler's love thread for the link you provided to me for Tyler's radio guest appearance. Instead I said thank you to you on his twitter party thread....which had nothing whatsoever to do with the podcast!!!! Augh.

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Hey there! I guess your name is Sara, huh? Thanks for responding to my topic post. Whereabouts are you? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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OH MY GOSH!! I saw your tweet while I was in Atlantic City & *thought* it sounded like you were going to a show, but I didn't get back with you or read the feed....YAY!!!!!

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Hi Sara! Thank you four taking the time to inquire on my profile if I was able to view the Quarter Notes! That was very kind of you! In answer to your question: Yes! I use to be computer illiterate, until SNC! They have brought me in to the 21st century!! I am however, still computerally challenged! (I commented yesterday here on your profile, and it didn't post!!- for example!! Now when you talk download or Adobe reader, I'm really lost!! I went to the upper bar and clicked on Page and went to zoom and put that at 250% and it worked like a charm! Now I don't remember how I got off the cover page to read the magazine, but I somehow did!!! You guys did an amazing job!! Now I have to try and read it again, as there was a lot of information!! Thank you again, and congrats on a great first issue!!!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Frozen apple pie or overly-roasted flambe? XD I'll go with the pie. :o)

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-runs in-






Here, have a sweet potato!!!

-runs away-

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LOL, Sara, I can restrain myself with baritones! Basses, not so much. ;p

Thanks for all your help with BEEPweek!

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I was just watching the blog post video of Charlie interrupting the weather forecast in Denver, and I saw your link to the actual broadcast. Thanks for posting that!

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LOL Sara - 'caught her' I'll have to use that one :)

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I hope you enjoy it here. :-)