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Thanks, Victoria and Marilou! I hope all is good with you both. Hope yer holidays and the new year are great. Do you think you can make the Reading PA show? I want to take my mom. Pat is on here now, too. Pat Betz I believe is her name on here. HUGZ to you both! :{>

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Oh don't worry. I didn't think you were ignoring me. Sorry we won't be seeing you. I don't think we will be going to the other shows. But who knows, right? Hope you and Marilou are good. HUGZ to ya both. Btw, Pat is on here, she says as Pat Betz. :{>

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Hi Victoria. Pat and I, as well as a couple friends are goin to the Baltimore show. Will we see you there? WebCrew's picture

Hey Victoria,

Thank you SO MUCH for all the help figuring out this issue!! Everything should be working now (bit of a coding issue, it's been corrected) but let us know if anything still looks off.

And don't forget to let the Facebook Chasers know, too! Sharing is caring!! :)

Thanks again,
SNC WebCrew

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More like Scary face :( Love all the pictures you've been posting. Hope you're doing well and when will I see you again, lady?

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Shaky face. That was it. ;)

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Yes. I haven't found everyone on here yet but hope to. Yes, please say hi to Marilou for me. HUGZ! Yeah hope to see many soon! Take care.

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Hi Victoria! :{>

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Hello Victoria, you are right, it was a great feeling seeing our boys get the opportunity to do a second PBS special. It was really nice meeting you after the show and I'm glad I was able to help with the signature. I really enjoyed meeting all the chasers and seeing all the new relationships that have been formed. You never know where our paths may cross in the future since we both travel to see the boys. Thank you again for your support.

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Hey Kristin: Looking forward to meeting you too! Hell looking forward to meeting all of those I've tweeted, facebooked with in the past few months..

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Yay! I get to meet you on Labor Day weekend!!! :)

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Love the individual pics of you and the guys! Cute subtitles to boot! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for letting me know Vixter. I guess it's okay, but next time just ask first. Thanks.

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Hi Victoria! I'm so sorry I didn't do this sooner, but I wanted to let you know that I wanted to show someone a good group photo of the guys. I chose the one you put up a couple of days ago. I'm sorry I did not ask first & hope you don't mind. I wanted to make it so I could cut everyone else out, but I figured I needed Photoshop to do that & I don't have that. So again, I just wanted to let you know what I did & I promise I won't do it again! Vixter

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Hello Victoria, thank you for the kind words and I am looking forward to meeting you and your mother. My name is Sana and I will be at the PBS taping with my sister Sue. Thand you for supporting Seggie and the guys and without their fans, they would not be where they are today. So, I would like to to say thank you again and it brings me joy to see others enjoying their music. See you on the 17th.

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Hey Victoria It will be just me for the taping, Rob will be coming to the LDW festivities! hope to see you there!!!