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United Kingdom
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20 February
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Crowthorne, Berkshire
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Hi Valerie: Glad you made it home safely. It was like a wonderful dream, wasn't it. My husband & I just got back from seeing them in Spokane Wa. Outstanding, again and again. He really enjoyed them. Take care and will keep in touch.. kayzie

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So nicde to meet you in Vancouver!

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Valerie: So great to meet you in Victoria BC. How awesome is it to have someone you have never met come up to you and say *Are you Kayzie??* It was so cool. Hope you enjoyed Vancouver show. Nanaimo was great (except Ryan was ill. :( felt bad for him. Hope he was better for the Vancouver concert. Take care & will keep in touch. Kay Maletta

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Thanks for the comment on my profile!

It's so great that you could be so supportive of our guys in the UK! I'll bet they enjoyed seeing your beautiful smile night after night!

I heard you are coming to Canada next? You truly *are* an international chaser! :)

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Hi Valerie, I think we were sitting a few seats away from you in the front row at the Cardiff concert. I had such an incredible time that i've now booked tickets to see them at the Fareham concert on the 19th and I see your going to be there to. I will keep an eye out for you and come say Hi if that's ok.


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Please give a big hug to our guys for me when you see them on Sunday! Enjoy yourself immensely, Valerie!

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Hey Valerie,
It was great to meet you and talk to you while we were lining up for the Chaser picture. I hope you had a good trip back to the UK. I am planning to go to the show at the Beacon so I will look for you.
Take care

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Just love your new picture posted here on the website. You looked totally amazing!

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Hey Val, long time no talk! He he he Keep in touch! Love ya!

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Valerie, you are so very welcome for the video! I'm glad you like it! I'm so glad we got to meet.


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Valerie. You are the best!!! You were tons of fun and so kind! We share some great Atlantic City memories now, don't we? I will email you this weekend as work is crazy. Just wanted to say Hi!

I have not recovered, yet, as my plane was cancelled and I didn't get to Dallas until yesterday late morning - drove straight away to work, and finally got home after 5 pm yesterday and got a night's sleep last night.

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Valerie, you are an amazing woman and I am so glad I finally met you. I had such a great time!

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Valerie, I will be in AC for the July 18th show, and it would be so nice to meet you! I'll be hanging around with other chasers, acting goofy, so we'll be easy to spot!

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Hi Valerie, I commented on the tour dates com boxes, so check them regularly. Some of the seasoned Chasers who have been to Harrah's have made some recommendations for where to meet up. Look forward to meeting you! I love to speak with people who speak the Queen's English,