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I'm thinking I may be barking up the wrong tree, but not sure who else to ping..

My husband and I took our 2 young daughters to the Seattle concert tonight at The Moore. We LOVE SNC! We saw the Seattle show last November, and knew we had to be back in May. We recently helped out with the local high school's production of "Guys and Dolls", and met some really great kids. We thought they'd enjoy seeing SNC in concert. Some knew of SNC, some didn't.

We wanted to make it affordable for the students so we bought a block of 20 tickets in the top balcony. The band had their typical great energy, the kids were awe-struck, everyone had a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, the sound up top was pretty awful - my 7 year old is a huge fan and asked for earplugs. [I would have loved to sit closer, but was trying to keep the ticket price point accessible to the kids].

The Moore is a beautiful space, but the sound quality was very disappointing. even distracting at times. We are looking forward to the December show...and hoping it will be somewhere else. The Benaroya recital hall was fabulous in November, but I'm guessing the boys have "outgrown" that space by now. :)

Our best to all at SNC,
Jane & Family

P.S. My husband said during the show, "The sound is tragic, but the lighting is absolutely brilliant!" I think he was taking notes for the next time he helps with lighting for our local community theater :)

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SNC Web Crew: When I tried to open the site, I had to sign in but then got a warning that 'the website certificate' you are trying to enter has been compromised. I just you might be interested in hearing this--not sure how valid it is, but it did scare me a little. I hope it is wrong as all of us on here could begin having problems.

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Hey, SNC and Atlantic Records -- I purchased 6 copies of With A Twist and have been giving them to local radio stations, who are still waiting for their copies. Any plans on the horizon to distribute?

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GREAT concert in Houston! The ONLY problem was that it was miked way too loud so the gorgeous tone the guys have was muddied. I know that venue is not the best for acoustics but please consider lowering the volume some next time! If there is a venue in Houston with a sloped floor (for vision) and better acoustics....go for it!

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Help...I have 3 extra tickets for the show tonight in you have anyone that might want them....i hate to let them go unused....cell 936-433-0217 thanks

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HELP! Trying to purchase tix for the Indy show Nov. 24th--site keeps asking for a promo code---where do I get it????

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Finally - ATLANTA tomorrow night! Play You Send Me -- it was the first dance for our wedding and will totally embarass our daughter and friends

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Hey Web Crew...
Have all the photos been selected for the video?


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This is Rachel and you signed my Bunny and I am going to be at another concert in Tennesee for my birthday this upcoming Monday and i also want to know if you are going to do a meet and greet at the concert?

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Are the comments under your 'Activity' legitimate? I received one, two hours ago and according to the contest rules & regulations judging was not set to begin until Apr 23.

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Hi there. Can you please tell me the official font used for the SNC logo? Planning a special gift for a May show and want to get it right. Thanks!

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'Liberty and Prosperity" is the motto on the New Jersey flag, and Boardwalk is on the Monopoly board. So maybe SNC is going to do a video of "Under the Boardwalk". Post it on UTube like the "12 days" video - was that from 10 years ago?

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Just found that some of SNC graduated in 1998 so that means my last thought was wrong!

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Didn't most of you graduate 10 years ago? Is that the 10 you address in the tweet?

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Well we know you have the Liberty and we pray for Prosperity for all of you. Could you be appearing in Philadelphia signing near the Liberty Bell?

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I am new to posting and think that the order of solos in the "Your're My Best Friend" is this (with fingers crossed), Ryan, Charlie, Seggie, Mike, Jerome, Dan, Tyler or DR, Randy, Tyler or DR, Walt and Jerome.

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I have a quick question.... Will there be a post show meet and greet at the lansdowne venue? I know it was an added show and wigth them having a show in NJ that same night wasn't sure how their travel time frame will be.

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Any idea where to get a copy of SNC "Last Call'?

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Love the new video--received the video this week from PBS station locally. I've played it every day and is really awesome. As someone who has helped fundraise for my local station in NW Indiana and WTTW in Chicago, I have to commend you for taking the opportunity to help them out as taxes can't begin to cover their costs. The people here at WHRO, VA Tidewater area are thrilled you are coming back to Norfolk and are excited about your stop on the tour. Thanks for helping this worthy group in their fundraising. Proves you are willing to give back to the communities that support and care about SNC and all the guys that make it happen! THANK YOU!

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Greetings SNC web crew,
I'm sure you are all gearing up for the upcoming tour. I was looking at the store purchase choices and i had a suggestion for a product.
IN this time of going "green" is there anyway you all can offer either a stainless steel or aluminun water bottle ? Wasn't sure where else to make this request.
Thank-you for all your hard work. All you folks behind the scene are so important to making things run smoothly. You do fabulous job keeping us the fans in the loop. Continue the good work and God bless

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I'm a huge fan and I have a question. I am in the United States Navy and am going to be retiring on February 26th after serving 20 years. I saw SNC's video recording the National Anthem. I am trying to find a final version of that to be played during my ceremony. It's a beautiful rendition and I figure since I can't have SNC there, your music is the next best thing. Is there a final cut of the National Anthem? If so, where? I would be extremely honored to have your voices be a part of the end of my military career. Thank you.

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Hi, I'm trying to buy tickets for the Sacramento show but need a presale code for both online and over the phone purchase through How do I get a code? Seats are selling fast.

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How about coming to Erie? Any chances???

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Hi Webcrew: not sure where to post this question, but are there now TWO Chicago shows on April 10th? Has another Chicago show been added? Just wondering. Thank you.

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Hi there webcrew..... thanks for all your hard work. I have a question regarding this site. The past few days it has been missing the twitter on the home page as well as the for lacvk of a better term the banner on the home page with the links bars for home tour tickets ect. Are you changing up the site?

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Hey Webcrew~

Please can you shed somelight on the "Live at the Musical Arts Center"? I am trying really hard to find it. I am willing to pay ALOT of money for it. :) My 5 year old is mad for the guys ( Not as much as I am though! ) and I have been having to play the videos from the internet everyday. She found out that I recorded the Today Show special on Christmas eve and I have been having to play it over and over again. Anyhelp on this would be appreciated!!!

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Hey Webcrew!
Thanks for keeping us fans updated on the latest and greatest SNC news. We truly appreciate it and are excited for all the fun SNC has in store for us in 2010. BTW, was a winner ever announced for the Christmas Cheers contest?

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OK so, I have a question, Lexington MA, could you possibly do a performance there in the fall of '10 or in '11 because we have a great acapella program and we'd like to hear professionals perform, I haven't asked the head of music but there are 6 student run acapella groups and every member of each (me included) wants to see you guys.

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Hi! Is it true that the Chicago show on April 10th is sold out? I thought that the tickets went on sale tomorrow, Dec. 18th? Any info would be appreciated!

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I see in my newsletter that you will be in Michigan in April. However, this isn't shown on the website. Just trying to figure out if you will or won't be in Michigan? Thanks!

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When will tickets for the May 17 Portland, OR, show be available? I have out-of-state family who are planning to fly in for it! They are awesome!!!

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Would've loved to have seen you last night in Iowa City, but couldn't get there because of the snow. Any chance you'll be able to honor our tickets somewhere else???


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Hey Webcrew -

I have been trying to get a ringtone and have texted the code but have not received anything back.

Any ideas?



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NICE WORK, SNCwebcrew!

The link with PBS listings is VERY user-helpful. Thanks for the good work.



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Dear Susan,

Thanks for the tip a week ago. Gotta hit all the spots on the site! :-)

From the EXCELLENT News Blaze story (#88) is the following excerpt: "The dates -- presented by Southwest Airlines -- will continue through a December 23rd tour finale at Raleigh, North Carolina's Progress Energy Performing Arts Center. As part of the partnership with Southwest Airlines, Straight No Chaser will treat fellow Southwest customers to surprise performances at airports across the country."

What a great idea by SWA and their customer-friendly corporate spirit!

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regarding SNC's PBS show: Possible suggestion: any way SNCmusic web crew can get listings nationally for PBS affiliates and get a link on website for US fans to check it out?

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Hi SNCwebcrew and members!!!:) Nice to join everyone here. Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

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This is for El in Fishers, go to News Blaze and check out the story dated 11/03/09, it may explain the Southwest Airlines banner

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Good morning WebCrew! You're doing some fine work with this site; thank you!

Have talked in recent days with local (Indianapolis) fans, and they too are noticing the Southwest banner at the top of the main page. Funny how folks go right over it...I'm guessing because the actual SWA portion is but one of several panels that flash and it has to catch your attention.

Anyway, hoping to get a reply to my post from last week. Another interesting insight into all that's new with the group.

Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Dear SNC WebCrew.

Great work on the new site! Thank you for the easy navigation and exciting features. Keep it coming, and keep it fresh!

Got a question for you: what's behind the "Southwest Airlines Presents..." banner at the top of the main page? Dreaming of possiblities, but how did it come about? Will the guys be featured in SWA's inflight magazine? Maybe their music and an introduction instead of more instructions about how to buckle our seatbelts (I know, FAA rules....). Certainly free drinks and extra chips for the guys whenever they fly on SWA!?!?!?!?

Looking forward to reading the details. Thanks!

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At some point a live album of Holiday Songs and the regular pop covers would be amazing, when I watch you guys on You Tube its amazing!!! You guys get really wild when playing live, its awesome