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Does SNC have a fanmail address?

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Will the new CD and "stuff" be available at any of the shows in November?? WebCrew's picture


Could you please send us the URL you are referring to? It will help us determine who you should contact with the issue. We also tested the platinum dinner package on Ticketmaster, and you should be able to compelete all the steps to purchase the tickets with the dinner reservation.

Let us know!
SNC WebCrew

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I tried to use the Tinyurl link to fill out the form for the 11/19 dinner extravaganza but it would not work. So , now what ?

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I wonder if SNC could do an old song by Glenn Frey of the Eagles called True Love? It seems to be right for the theme of music they do, and I can imagine the back ups could imitate the horns maybe with a little role play--something I haven't seen by acapella bands yet. It would add a touch of difference, something new to go along with the club theme now that they do Harrah's. A twist for that pesky choreography--ha, ha. I love it all and think the fun they have on stage adds to the audience experience. Great job everyone!

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I have an order number for tickets to the NY show and never received my tickets! Have already made contact about this problem.
This was a very special holiday present for my family any help here would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Web Crew; Thank you for all your great work. I need a little help. I have contacted the sncstore a couple times regarding an order I placed June 10 fpr the CD/DVD With A Twist deluxe set. They gave me a site to check on the status, but I can't figure it out.. Can you help me?? Thanks!! Kay..

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Also, thanks for posting the clip from "The Big C" for chasers to view who would not normally see the show. Fabulous. Thank you so much.

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Your blog post, "EXCLUSIVE SNC Fall Tour Preview" was one of the best blogs I have ever seen you post. The links to the pictures saying what the guys have been up to, the reminder about the fall tour, & the "exclusive" video are exactly things that the fans love. Tweeting the blog to draw attention to the website was like the cherry on top of a delicious treat. Keep up the good work!

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Hi Webcrew! Is the date correct for the Caesar's AC pre-sale? It says todays date (9/20) but it's now 3:12pm on 9/20 and no tickets on the artist arena website (nor are the shows listed). Any help?

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Santa Barbara is on the tour in December. I'm trying to buy group tickets for a Men's high school group that I teach. need 50 tix. Can't get this at the venue, any advice? Also any chance the guys would want to visit our group?

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HI SNC, We were incredibly disappointed that we were unable to get to AC for the concert tonight due to our devastation here in the Albany area from the hurricane . We were advised by Missy in the Harrah's Box Office to call Ticket Master for a refund. We just wanted the theater staff to know that the 3rd row seats would be available. The staff members at Ticket Master were incredible rude and patronizing. We began calling about this issue when we first received phone service today at 4 pm., We have certainly learned that we will never purchase tickets through Ticket Master again as they are a rude and unprofessional ticket agent. Comments like "we have hurricanes here in Texas too, but the hurricane is not our problem" is uncalled for. It is with hope that when SNC performs at other future venues, that we can use only the venue's Box Office. Ticket Master is another huge disappointment to a very sad time here in the NE. Thanks for listening....

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You guys are amazing! so fun to listen to and watch! What are the chances of gettng sheet music for 12 days? Would love to perform it with our acapella group this season. Deb

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Hey guys. Have you made any additional sheet music available? I was able to find a link to a short list, but don't see the Christmas Can-Can or 12 Days and I was hoping to perform them with my acapella group. Any plans to release those?

Ryan (

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I still am unable to access the web site. HELP! I am suffering from withdrawal!!!

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I'm taking my daughter Rachel on her 26th birthday to Harrah's tonight. We're in KK 104-06. I've been twice and can't wait to see SNC again. jan

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Sorry Web Crew--we have another spammer on site---Alyce 300! Posted on a bunch of profiles with the same message!

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Just below this post, is a post by Esther, I just flagged the person's profile. There were several other people who received the same messge "Web Crew" received.

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Hey, is there a meet and greet for the San Diego concert when I buy the tickets through this website?

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Hello does one go about contacting "the powers that be" to perhaps request a special anniversary dedication for my husband at the 11/5 show in Windsor??

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Hi everyone. I took myself and my kids to Gettysburg for our first SNC live show, and am already saving up for next year. Will they be somewhere close to Gettysburg or Reading, PA next summer?

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Hi~what is the best way to get a message to the band? Is there an email address or someone I can message here? Thanks!

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Hi ...I am going to try my comment again as you all have had some glitches going on! We are looking for a new SNC cd...any chance the NYC performance will be on cd? Beautiful arrangements ~perfectly would be so nice to have it on cd to sing along with in the car!

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What is going with the site activity. It has been taken over by strange people virtually all day.

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WebCrew: We have a new, what appears to be "spammer". The name on the account is "lindavera". This person has commented on a lot of profiles with the same message and has almost nothing on their profile! Has even comment on "your profile"! Thanks for all you do for all of us and hopefully between you and all the Chasers, we can bring some of this "crap" to a halt! Thanks!

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Hi SNC....I came to your show for the first time last year in Alantic City and WOW!!!! I just booked front row tickets online for my mom's Birthday to come see you in Alantic City again.....My entire family loves you (including my husband, which says a lot) We will be up front on August would mean the world to me if you guys could sing Happy Birthday to my mom! I may have to give her CPR after but that would top off her Birthday surprise! You are all incredible,talented, gracious and friendly young men and it was truly a pleasure having met you last year and cant wait to see you all! Thanks!

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posted something the other day, about my upcoming mother/daughter trip to NYC (with a side trip to Atlantic City, to Harrah's) - got an email from "Jenele" which seemed a tad bit .... odd......disconcerting.....

?!? Has anyone else received anything similar?

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Hi Guys, I'm so excited SNC is finally coming to Louisville!! Got my tickets already- 5th row! Will there be any new T-Shirt designs by then? You could have a fan-based contest for new designs. I'm sure there would be some awesome entries. If no new designs I'll be there in my original Chaser shirt, clapping wildly and loving every minute!

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Do I still win the poster even though I only got 17 cities right? :)

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Found a glitch in the presale...hope you can fix it.
For the Appleton WI show, the theater listed for the presale is not the Fox Cities PAC, but a theater in St. Louis. Looked on the Fox Cities PAC site and the show is listed. Could you please get that corrected??? Thanks!

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Houston is on the list - but when you go to buy the tickets it is not listed. Help!

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I've tried to email you twice in the past 5 weeks or so but have gotten no response. Could you give me your correct email? Thank you.

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I flagged it, but there appears to be another spammer--Sacramento Applicance repair

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buy vpn

Seems we have another spammer hyping his product!

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Just noticed the updated 'store' site! Nice work! :)

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Web crew and all chasers please go to, then go to search current petitions and put in snc-superbowl2012. Really want the guys to be involved in the super bowl. Sign the petition and send the link on to all your buddies. The more signatures we get the better.How great would this be?! "Oh, say, can you see" SNC singing at the super bowl in Indy in 2012 !!! :)

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Hello All! We are so excited~ we have our tics for June 28 at Harrah's-front row! A great way to spend our anniversary seeing Straight No Chaser!
It is our week to spend at the shore and so one of the nights we will spend at Harrah's. We can't wait! Lori and Bob

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Please let me know why my posting says delete. I don't want to be deleted! M.Loker

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this recipe in my Bacon L

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Hey! I am looking for the Pantone color numbers (or some equivalent) for the color blocks on the With a Twist album cover. I downloaded the album from Amazon, so I don't have the official printed cover just the digital file -- which prints differently on different printers - ack! Can you help?

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I'm not sure if this the right place to publicly recognize and thank the 'merchandising department', but I'm going to anyway! I have sent two e-mails to via amazon in the past and have received quick and kind responses! SNC staff/affiliates ROCK!!! :)

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The member jmcat needs to be removed for posting inappropriate (sexual) content on many of the discussion posts and member profiles.

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Not sure what is going on lately with the "spammers"! Just came on this afternoon and found another one! Name: "lisapatric" Discussion Topic: "Illinois Health Insurance". I flagged it and now passing on to you! Sorry, but the holiday season seems to have brought these people out of their closets!

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Web Crew: We have another "spammer" on here! "Special Offers" is a discussion topic!

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WebCrew - Will Walt be posting his Christmas Can-Can arrangement as a PDF for download? Many are asking, including a group that I'm affiliated with. RSVP. Many thanks! - Kent

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Hi: I just noticed the Vancouver BC concert is posted with tix for sale. Can you tell me how to get the presale password? The Vogue Theater site says to access it Dec 16 from 10am-10pm. That would be today. Please help!!! Thanks

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Hi Crew: Great job, as usual. Love the Advent Calendar. I need some help on getting the ringtone I requested on my cell phone. I ordered Hey Santa. I am somewhat download illiterate. Can hou help?? Many Thanks.

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Appears we have another "spammer"---The name on the account is Mikehass and his message is ""-----little strange and it is the only comment!

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Web Crew: Thanks for getting rid of our most recent spammer! It is an insult to all of who are devoted to SNC to have these idiots come on the website and attempt to create havoc! Thanks for reacting as quickly as you did!