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I can't find a way to edit or delete a discussion once I have posted it. Please help! :(

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Special thanks to your manager, Edward,for leaving several of your fans in the lobby of the Meyerhoff at 6:05 with the message that the meet and greet was over. To say that we were pissed would be a gross understatement given that we paid extra for the opportunity to meet you. God bless the lady who drove 3.5 hours from St. Mary's City just for the opportunity to meet and be told, "Tough luck." Hope you recover from the public relations nightmare. I expect that you'll hear from Rick Lore, VP at Maryland Public Television, tomorrow when he's deluged with calls from pissed patrons who paid extra to meet you and were stiffed on the meet and greet passes.

Otherwise, a great concert.

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Hey Walt and Chaser's et al!

You mentioned a Buffalo date of Dec 3rd at the Chautauqua concert.
Is that still a go???

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I love what you're doing Web Crew.

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Artist Arena still says Chicago Tickets available soon. I have never, ever had so much trouble getting tickets. What is going on!!!!!

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p.s. of course it didn't happen --- like going to the doctors, and you magically get better before he comes into the room !!!!

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Hi Web Crew (nice pic btw :)) I've been noticing when typing in "Blog" or "Discussion" areas, my typing area is getting smaller and smaller. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it my computer? I don't seem to have problems other than in the SNC website :( and we can't have that! We'll see if that will happen here when I "post". Any suggestions? Thanks -Milly-

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Hey Web Crew: Don't know if you can help me, but I will start here. I preordered Under The Influence and haven't gotten an email to confirm. Should I worry??? Thank you.

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Hi There Webcrew, I thought I saw somewhere that SNC has a few TV appearances this year. Could you give me the stats on that if I am corrent. Thank you and have a good day.

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Not sure if you guys got rid of a certain discussion within the past hour or if the person who started it realized the error of their ways. If you took care of it, thank you, and you might want to check that person's profile for similar statements she made on other discussions. And if you have no clue what I'm talking about, let me know & I'll be less cryptic.

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Thank you :) !!!

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Hi WebCrew!
I was just I REALLY Chaser of the month?? I keep looking for an official blog post announcement to be certain and I haven't seen it true or am I dreaming? Hope it's true because I'm so excited and grateful but don't want to celebrate prematurely. Thanks for the clarification and a million thanks if it is true!! WebCrew's picture

Indeed you are, ma'am! You are officially our November 2012 Chaser of the Month - congratulations, you've earned it!! :) WebCrew

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Thanks guys!!

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I have a question for the band the next time they do the videos--do any or all of them have a voice coach? Just wondering. Thanks for passing this along.

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PS Webcrew !
I haven't had any problems uploading to Facebook !

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Help please webcrew !
I have tried to upload some photos from the UK tour without success - the only thing different from previous successful attempts is that it now says 'fakepath' when trying. I have a new camera - Nikon with a SDHC card - why is this happening ???
Hope to hear from you soon ! Thanks

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I'm fifteen and i'm really inspired by SNC. I've been thinking and I really want to start a crew at my school that does the type of singing that all of you do. Do you guys have anything to support matters like that? If you do, I'd love a response! Oh, and I was just wondering if you'll ever come to the Los Angeles area.

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Hi WebCrew! You're awesome. Kthanksbai.

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Do you think you will be uploading the sheet music to Coldplay's "Fix You" anytime soon?
My high school choir would like to take a stab at it and your arrangement is their preferred one!

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Hey WebCrew, I was just wondering if the SNC website was going to sell the "Songs of the Decades" concert any time soon. Please let me know! It was too awesome, I just have to have it! :)

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Ooooo... Haha! That's a great idea... Now I feel like an idiot. ;) jk! Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out!! :) You guys are awesome!!

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OOH! Great idea about the videos. Thank you! You so smart, Webcrew... WebCrew's picture

Hey Leonard,

Glad to hear you enjoyed SNC's show!

Check out for SNC's booking contact, you should reach out to them with the details of your request.

SNC WebCrew

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Great show in Raleigh, NC. Curious if you guys are able/willing to do a benefit show in nearby Raleigh town for Miracle League of Franklin County.

Again, great show in Raleigh Friday evening.

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Thank You Webcrew..I contacted them, they don't know either. WebCrew's picture

Susanne: Please contact the venue as they'll be able to answer your question better. You can find their contact information here: Good luck!

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Webcrew, On the New Years Eve Show is SNC going to play up to Midnight?? Thanks. I am going.

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Web Crew, I have a message on my profile that is similar to the "spammer" message we have seen before. The name is "shalin22" and was posted today, 12/03/11

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Please come to Toledo,Ohio in the very near future.!!!

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Dear WebCrew:

I phoned artist arena and the automated told me they would return the call in 24 hr. They have not! I have spent hours calling both numbers and cannot even find how to leave a message again!!! PLEASE give me a name and number of someone I can speak with, would you? I am getting more and more frustrated, and stressed, which is not good for my health, let alone my Chaser experience! As SNC members know, accessibility is very important as is the "personal" touch. What do I have to do to get a name and phone number of someone who can help me?

Thank you, in advance, for getting me this information.


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There's a typo in the blog for Kristin being's a pet peeve of mine. Could you please fix it? Her name is spelled Kristin, not Kristen. Thanks webcrew!

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I'm curious about the Fort Collins shows in March. I never saw an opportunity to get some "Chasers" first pick seats on Artist Arena. I've went ahead and purchased my tickets, but only was able to obtain moderately good seats way off to the side. What happened with those shows?

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Just below my post is a message from a "spammer"----Has posted the same message on a lot of people's Home! I hope you can get rid of Esther as here message sounds very familiar to some earlier spammers! Thank Web Crew for all you do!

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Class Act...........I had a great time at mohegan you were so good. real music and real talent.

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Here are the two videos from this morning's WJMJ morning show. They are under the tab entitled: WJMJ Today Videos. WebCrew's picture

Hi @djl2ski,

If you are receiving an email from that someone has left a comment on your profile but you are not seeing it when you get to the site, it is likely that the comment was spam and has already been removed. Spam is an issue we are continuously working to keep off the site and we appreciate your help in letting us know about it.

SNC WebCrew

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I'm new to this site and not exactly cozy on how it's laid out, I got an email saying someone posted a comment on my profile, but when I'm logged into my account, I can't seem to find where that comment would be posted.... an assist would be stellar. Thanks. :)

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Does anyone know if the SNC shows have an opening act?

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Thank you for the info

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Thank you for the info on the presale. :)

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Toronto Presale not up yet? when do you anticipate it being uploaded? thanks

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What is going on with Website. Only thing visible is 2 blogs. Help!

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hmmm..........there isn't a link coming up on the blog "JUST IN: Canada 2012 Tour... and Pre-Sales!" is there another place to look for the Canada dates? thx :)

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I am having problems seeing the site. I can see the Canada tour post, but when I click the link, it isn't working for me! I'm not sure if it's just my computer playing games or not!! Please help!
Thank you,

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Ha this is great, gotta love good covers like this...wish you could make to New York so we could take our employees to see you. WebCrew's picture


Yes, we do have a physical address. Please send fan mail to:

STILETTO Entertainment
8295 South La Cienega Boulevard
Inglewood, CA 90301

SNC WebCrew

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I was thinking more along the lines of do they have a physical address for fanmail where gifts might be sent? WebCrew's picture


You can pass along your fan mail to

Thanks for being a fan!
SNC WebCrew