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I run this site.


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Have we told you lately how much we love and appreciate all that you do for Straight No Chaser and their fans??!!

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Hey RB, I've been tinkering with some of the photos you have uploaded making them black and white with partial colouring, would you have any objections to me reposting them on the site ( I would name the original uploader on it )
Cheers, John

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Thanks for such a great source of SNC info. Do you know if there are any fan clubs in the UK?

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Hey RB! The 5 questions video with Mike isn't working anymore (it's now privite???) and could you please put the others (if there are any others...) up on youtube/the site to? :P
There is also a video called 'SNC singing to Wolf Blitzer' (on youtube/site) that I'm not able to watch...maybe that is because it's not been made available in Europe. Is there anyway you can fix that?

Thanks for all the work you put into this site!! Nice profile pic BTW!!!

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Thanks for the COTM honor this month, and for all you do to keep this site running!

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I found "Africa"! Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough!

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Hey, there....question for you! :)

Is it possible to have SNC's bonus tracks (Time Of The Season, America the Beautiful, Africa, etc.) included in the music section of the website?

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Hi, RB! I appreciate all the behind the scenes work you do on this site. I think it looks great & I love some of the new features that have been added! (Like the twitter options)

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Thanks so much for everything you do on the site! Happy New Year to you.

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Hi, RB! I love this website, great job! I was wondering if Tyler and Mike opted out of the band twitterfeed, and that's why we don't see their tweets (not that Mike tweets overmuch).

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Hi! This page is sooooooo greate! Thank u!

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Just want to say Thank You for all you do! Have a great day!

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Hey RB! Could you possibly put up a video of the guys singing the "National Anthem" on the home page??
With all the current hype, if someone sees the name SNC, but may not be familiar with them(!!), it could be RIGHT THERE if they take the time and effort to look at the website! Thanks for all you do!!!

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Hey! We get a profile picture of the ever-elusive RB! ^_____^ Thanks for all the work you do on the site (and beyond)!

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Another big spammer: "favor"

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Spammer alert! Party Dresses is the user name.

Now I see TTL beat me to it.

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Hey RB! Not that party dresses aren't pretty, etc..but looks like they are *advertising* on the website. Nuisance!! Might need to check it out!!

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Hi, you're awesome. Okay, bye. :o)

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Very cool! Wondered who was behind the scenes! (S said she didn't need a tiara, but she may be getting something else that would suit her "title").
Enjoying the site immensely! Thanks for the time and effort you put into it!

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Oh, really? This should be interesting. Thanks for the honor, crown or no crown. :-)

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Thanks for running such a great site!

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Seriously. How did my photos get hung up on each other? Was it something I did when I loaded them? Only one of them is "viewable" on the photos main page (Julie's photo 2010/10/16). You can't see any of the other ones unless you know to click on the "next" button. I think I have some nice pictures. =(

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Thanks for all the NYC pictures posted today! Looks like the weather is not too bad. Also, a very belated thank you for all the work you do on this site. :-)


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RB, you rock. No, seriously. Go ahead and let out a "beep" every once in a while; you've earned it. Hope to meet you soon!

-Tina G.

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RB... I live in central Pennsylvania. Your York show and Stroudsburg shows SOLD OUT and I didn't get the chance to buy tickets... I noticed you have a show in Pittsburgh on April 21 and your next show is Stroudsburg on April 23... How about a stop in Central PA.. I'll fine you a stage.. I need to buy 10 tickets for relatives and friends... PLEASE