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Randy Stine produced Straight No Chaser’s “Live at the Musical Arts Center” on DVD in 2006. Clips from the DVD, posted on YouTube, received over 8 million views, sparking the group to reunite and sign a deal with Atlantic Records.
acoustic guitar, snow skiing, working out, photography, video production, traveling, cars, technology, and I try to see as many live concerts as possible.
United States
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Randy Stine
The Randawg
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Chicago, IL
Naperville, IL
Relationship Status: 
Having the latest tech toys
Favorite SNC College Memory: 
I loved it when we'd perform at other college invitational concerts for the first time, where no one had ever heard us before. My favorite in particular was at University of Michigan.
Musical Influences: 
Dave Matthews Band, Jamiroquai, Ben Folds, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Seal, Billy Joel, Van Morrison, James Taylor, CSN&Y, INXS, Brian McKnight, Musiq, Raul Midon, Coldplay, David Gray, Frank Sinatra, George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Jendrix, Blood Sweat & Tears, Fleetwood Mac, The Kingston Trio, The Real Group, The King's Singers, and the list never stops...
Favorite Songs to Perform Live: 
Wonderwall, Under The Bridge, I'm Yours, This Is How We Do It, Straight No Chaser, Hi-De-Ho
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
One place I never get tired of is Snowmass/Aspen, Colorado.
What Magazines/Periodicals do you read consistently?: 
I read the news online daily, but the only actual magazines I subscribe to are Car&Driver, and Automobile Magazine.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Foods: 
I like simple foods: steak, potatoes, chicken, pizza, burgers, salads, the easy stuff. I do like Chinese food, Mexican food, and Italian dishes like chicken parmesan, but I've never been a fan of seafood. I love fresh fruit, and I do have a weakness for chocolate.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
I read occasionally, but I think because I was forced to read so much in school, I stopped seeing reading as relaxing. I own plenty of books, most of which I’ve never read, either because I’m too busy or they never caught my interest.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
I love movies, I even have a projector screen in my condo, but it’s hard to pick all-time favorite movies. If I wasn’t in music, I’d want to be working in movies, behind the camera.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
“#41” by Dave Matthews Band, “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, “Mercy Street” by Peter Gabriel...


Vixter's picture

Randy, you really need to get a hold of Dan so he cold send some of your pictures to the WGN mid day weather man. He always picks pictures to put on the air. I think if you send more than one though, he might have trouble picking just one!

Psmaht's picture

Ok...I am reaching out here...pretty unusual but here goes...My daughter and I will be attending in Durham NC on 11/24. She and I have had an estranged relationship for a while. When her mom and I separated she said I was a big disappointment because we never had daddy-daughter dates...She LOVES you guys. She was an all state vocalist and has always loved to sing. I am so proud of her...anyways, THIS is our Daddy Daughter date. I am so hopeful she will want me to be a part of her life again, that she will want to see me, talk to me and be proud of her Daddy...So..I guess this is a request to sing " The Living Years" on that night. I want...I need her to understand she won't have me forever and one day I will be gone. We are losing every second, every day, every year. I love my daughter so much and it just breaks my heart...I guess I feel this is my chance to make it right. You guys are awesome, I hope you see this, and you touch so many people with your music. I hope you reach out and touch my Daughter. Thank you so much.

Nana Brons's picture

Randy, Randy, Randy. What is this all about???? " I think because I wasFORCEDto read so much in school, I stopped seeing reading as relaxing." Good grief, young man, I READ TO YOU in sixth grade. Remember Tom Sawyer and The Phantom Tollbooth??? HMMMM???What were you doing when I read. (Probably drumming out a tune on your desk. Sigh)
So glad to see you are in the music world, Randy. Enjoy every minute. (Take a look at Caring Bridge and you will see where I am right now. Not a really good place to be.) I am soooo pleased you got in touch. Gotta look to see if you are going to be in Jacksonville, FL some day. I would love to hobble back stage and give you a hug!!!! Love from an old retired English teacher!
Jan Brons

Vixter's picture

Just wanted to let you know, if you have time, Dave Matthews will be on a re - run episode of House on the ION channel at 6:00 tonight. The episode is called "Half - Witt". Hope you can catch it!

Peggy Suh's picture

BIG Thanks Randy for the super concert in Omaha! The night just went too fast! That's the 6th concert I've seen-plus the superb cruise! Keep it coming! Got to take my daughter, mother & friends for the first time to see SNC- we now have new chasers! You know how incredible this all is - I can still remember the first time I saw your utube clip. You guys are so entertaining! At the end of this concert, I could see Walter still standing out on stage looking at us cheering. Thanks again!

Vixter's picture

Did you guys receive a small bag after the Rockford show? No hurry to go through the bag. I just wanted to make sure you guys got it. A guy that I think worked at the theater told me that he'd make sure you guys got it. Hope you all like what's in there & I hope everything fits okay. Have a great rest of the tour!

Gabriella's picture

Thank-you for the phenomenal concert on Sunday, I still have a smile. I really wanted to thank-you for signing my Biomechanics textbook- I honestly don’t have to words to tell you what that means: this is a class that over half the class has to retake and last year this class physically and mentally drained the life out me, no exaggeration. Your music has kept a smile on face since a slacker friend of mine sent me the 12 Days of Christmas you tube video Dec 2007, good thing I was basically finished studying. Back to the present, since now Biomechanics and a few other classes are all that stand in my way from graduation, the pressure is on and your signatures on the front cover remind me to smile.
And if possible for the facebook and twitter-less can photos from the concert be posted on the site?

jbrewer276's picture

HOW is he SINGLE?????

rc_suitegirl's picture

Good question!! I was sure he was married with at least two kids!!

Thelma Taylor's picture

Was blown away by your concert tonight in Missoula, Montana. Your photos are terrific and am looking forward your posting the others you took, especially the audience shots. Please come back and bring the rest of the guys with you. You made my day, my month, my year! Thanks --

Sarah Brodie's picture

My friend Clarie and I came to see you in Cardiff last Sunday, and we're so bowled over by you guys that we're coming to see you all in Fareham next week. Look out for us please! We'll be the ones blowing you all kisses :) hehe

countryldy812's picture

Randy, just wanted to say I love listening to your voice. You really rock! I enjoyed your video you posted from behind the scenes and am wondering if you will be doing any more videos like that in the near future?
Keep singing sweetie as I will keep listening.

Grace F.'s picture

Hi! I wanted to say that I am one of your biggest fans!!!! i have been a fan of and been listening to SNC for about 3 1/2 years now. I have seen you guys live in concert five times! You guys always put on a great show every time! So I wanted to ask, I am getting married to a wonderful guy next November, November 24, 2012 to be exact and if it is at all possible, it would literally make me one of the happiest women in the world if you guys would come and sing/perform at our wedding reception! I know it's a long shot..but I thought i'd ask!

MaryDSinTX's picture

Just stopping by to say you are one of the classiest guys in the entertainment industry, or anywhere, and thanks for all you do for SNC and us fans - always so approachable and friendly and *real*. We love you for being that way, and for your great bass voice and funny webisodes, and great photos, too. Oh, and fan chat was excellent. And,your tweeting and networking with everyone in such a kind and classy manor, which takes a lot of time and effort, and... well, you know. Have a wonderful vacation! Hope you get some R&R, and get to ski a bit (love the pics), catch up with friends and family, and maybe... get that Audi? Haha!

We appreciate you! Happy New Year to you!

TraciP's picture

Happy New Year, Randy! Hope you will enjoy your time off! And I can't wait to see you guys in Reading in April! =]

IanF's picture

Needless to say, SNC is wildly successful for many, many reasons. The camaraderie is awesome, the musical selections are great, and of course the talent is unmistakable. However, I believe that like any good music group it's the bass and rhythm sections that truly make a group great. That is the case here. It's too simplistic to say, "Hi my name is Randy, and I sing "dum-dum-dum-du-dum" all day long". Yours and Charlie's bass contributions are truly what sets SNC apart from just another lounge act. Thanks for doing it!

rc_suitegirl's picture

I agree. I studied music for a while and always was told that the bass is the foundation for whatever else is happening in the song.

So, Randy, know that we know that you are VERY important (not just the guy who doesn't know the words).

ngj3's picture

"Merry Christmas, Darling..." Randy!

Wayne_2's picture

Randy - Amazing show yesterday afternoon! My sons are now SNC fans after listening to my wife and I telling them about the show. Do you have any appearances scheduled in the Chicago area before your show at the Rosemont Theater tonight? I'd like you bring your newest fans to see you in person if possible.

GerryG's picture

Just got home from the 3PM show at Chicago Theater. AMAZING!!!! Second row!!! Second year we have gone.

Thank you!

emily821's picture

Awesome job with Mr. Grinch at the Cleveland show! You have an amazing voice, and you had me cracking up when you tried singing the higher parts in the "Africa" part of 12 days...hilarious!

Susan_4's picture

see SNC is coming to my city of Jacksonville, Florida on December 21st! I would give ANYTHING to be able to go! I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a single mother with one in college and one in high school! I work two jobs and still struggle! I just found out I have a tumor on my brain the size of a quarter. It has not been a fun year! SNC is my ultimate favorite! I love all of your songs! If you know of anyway I could get 2 tickets to the concert, please let me know. My ultimate wish is to be there and get a picture with all of you! Love yall!!! Susan..

Debra_5's picture

Hey Randy! You're my favorite. I saw SNC in Boston last year, and in my home state of New Hampshire a few weeks ago. I'll go see you guys any time you come around, because it is a great night's entertainment. You have an A-MAZ-ING sound and a great,fun show all around. To top it off, you all just seemto be a great, down-to-earth bunch of guys. Nice to see such a happy success story.

Happy Holidays!

Fab4tune's picture

Hi Randy -

Was tweeting with you the other week about the Beatles & Liverpool and thought you might like to see my profile pic that I just uploaded - As much as I absolutely adore SNC the Beatles are my favorite group of all time & Macca is my #1 idol my whole life - I met Paul & Linda a few years before she passed away when I won an MTV contest & they flew me and a friend to London to meet them - Definitely a dream come true

Thought since you're a big Beatles fan that you'd like the photo - Wish 8 could fly to Liverpool to see you perform there - You & Ryan & Don will fall in love with the city (as will Walter & Michael who are also Beatles fans) - Can't wait to hear your impressions of the city & what it feels like to perform there - If you need any info or suggestions please contact me anytime

You & the guys are so terrific (as people & musicians) and I can't wait to see my #1 favorite group (that hasn't disbanded) perform live again very soon - And counting the days to the new CD & new PBS Special - Thank you for entertaining me & for always making me smile

Best wishes & happy holidays
Stacey (Fab4tune)

PS Sorry so long & for lack of punctuation (my comma & period etc are not working)

Maria Fulton's picture

Happy Thanksgiving, Randy!! It was so great to see you in the parade!!

maialyksU's picture

Hi Randy! Watched your concert here in Richmond,Va last 11/9, it was my first time to watch you live and definitely won't be the last. I really enjoyed your show. IT WAS SO AWESOME! My only regret is not having a photo taken with you. I'm hoping that sometime soon I'll be watching all of you again and I would really love to get the chance to have that picture! Wishing you and all the other guys the best!

yarp24's picture

Thank you for a great show tonight in Hershey! I had a blast! Tonight was the third time I've seen you all in concert and you only get better every time! I can't wait to see you again soon! The bass section was awesome, btw! Keep on going guys, you rock! :)

ur2laugh's picture

Thank you for a wonderful performance last night at the Meyerhoff in Baltimore, MD. We loved it!! Another genre of music you guys may want to give a try is Contemporary Christian Songs. Also take a look at the Christian Comedian Anita Renfroe...she does some hilarious music. Just a thought! Keep up what you do because you guys have talent.

Quincy Gilbert's picture

Just saw you guys tonight with my family in Providence, RI they enjoyed and so did my mother and I who saw you last year as well. I took tons of videos and pics to share with friend and family and my schools chamber singers but when I got home I dropped my ipod and lost all of the videos and pics...hopefully I will see the show again next year. Thanks for being an inspiration. Quincy G

Rene A's picture

Yea for your CT show (again!) You never fail to deliver! You guys said Wallingford was your largest venue last year, and now the Sun was this year...see how much CT loves you?!?!?! You must come back again soon. Miss you already!


Yvonne's picture

Great show in CT tonight :) Come back again soon so I can get my SNC fix!

amychrisgarner's picture

AMAZING SHOW in Norfolk tonight!! Thank you all so much for what you do!!!

MAC_3's picture

Excellent show in Des Moines tonight. We love how you and the other members of SNC interact with the audience. You all seem to get along so well and have a good time up on stage. Thanks for the meet-and-greet after tonight's show! We're already looking forward to the next time we see you guys live; it'll be awhile. See you in Sioux City in April 2012!

GBPF's picture

Hi Randy!
My brother Mayor Mike and wife Sue will be bringing my parents Jack and Millie to their first SNC concert in Appleton on 10/27. (My parents are in their 80's) Could you give them a shout out? My husband and I will be attending our third SNC concert 11/11/11 in Virginia. Been following SNC since you reformed with Atlantic Records.
Just love your music! You are really special fellows

MAC_3's picture

Excellent show in Kansas City this afternoon! Thanks for having the "meet-and-greet" after the 2:00 show. This didn't give you and the guys much of a break before you had to be back on stage for your 2nd KC show in the evening. We fans appreciate getting to visit with all of your afterwards. See you in Des Moines on Tuesday!

DottieK's picture

I'm so happy that Billie Jean/Poison made the cut. I can't wait to hear it!

alr's picture

Please wish my cousin Nancy a happy birthday She is in the fourth row at Dallas right now. she is from So. IN go hoosiers but she has been a longhorn many years

yipyiphooray's picture

Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow in Dallas!!! It was a last minute decision to go. Will be driving up from Waco, TX representing Baylor!!!

Dachst8087's picture

Randy, (cuz)I will be at the show in Fort Wayne on the 30th. News from my dad about family in Ohio. Hope to see ya then , some things to tell ya

KristinC's picture

Hi Randy! You've been kind of quiet on Twitter and FB lately, and the Chasers miss you! Hope everything is okay!

GBPF's picture

Hi Randy,

Who are the singers in blue on the new "Like a Prayer" video? Will they be traveling with y'all during the Fall Tour?

craigthomas1971's picture


Shaina's picture

Hi Randy!
Just thought I'd drop by and say hey. :) I hope you're enjoying your time off at home; you definitely deserve it!

theresamariestepp's picture

Happy belated birthday, Randy! I just have to tell you that I jokingly tried to sing as deeply as you can in Portland, OR in 2009 and you were a good sport! I am super stoked for you guys to come to Fresno, CA where I am now! I hope so badly that I can go!

NancyeR's picture

Happy Birthday Randy! I hope you had a fabulous day and that the year ahead is wonderful.

Jeanette P.'s picture

You. Are. Awesome. Happy, Happy Birthday to you. See you soon.

Jordan Jo Jo Boaglio's picture

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Lori_3's picture

Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day!!!

jagsmommy06's picture

Hope you have a super awesome birthday

sangela's picture

Happy Birthday Randy !!! Hope you have a fabulous day. I really enjoyed the show, but it was too short.