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Member name: 
Tabitha Hoxie
About Me: 
Hello, Chasers! My name's Tabitha, but I go by Tabbs, Tabby, Taberino, or basically any variant thereof. The best way to describe me is "music nerd". I play violin, and I'm in choir and my choir's small group jazz thing. That's my favorite activity because the eight of us are all best friends and we sing all the time. :) I'm also chaplain of my choir. I ramble a lot, fangirl hard, and am a terrible skater. I also like Team StarKid and I know enough about Glee to keep up a pretty good conversation. I'm really excited about meeting this fandom. Come chat with me! :]
Reading, writing, learning piano, coloring (I can't draw for anything), hanging out with my friends, building LEGO stuff with my sister, Instagram (@music4jesus), watching Blimey Cow videos
Favorite Bands: 
I don't listen to bands a lot, but...Casting Crowns, Coldplay, Little Big Town, The Band Perry, Rascal Flatts, and The Piano Guys
United States
Tabitha Hoxie
Birth Name: 
Tabitha D. Hoxie
Tabbs, Tabby, Tab, and Sissy are my most common ones, but mainly Tabbs.
March 25th
Dark Brown
Knowing all the answers to everything musical (usually), overenthusiasm, leadership, taking all day to do math...
Musical Influences: 
This is hard. I'll take a rain check on this one. Everything I listen to affects me in some way.
Favorite Songs to Perform Live: 
Anything with the Master's Singers (choir's small group)
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
New York City
Favorite Things in General: 
Friendship, laughter, music, a good book on a rainy day, chocolate
What Magazines/Periodicals do you read consistently?: 
I used to read Cooking Light and Southern Living, but I'm a book girl now.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Foods: 
Anything chocolate, pizza, and then it all runs together. just don't give me cauliflower.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
How about book series? Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson, everything by Bryan Davis, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Harry Potter
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
Les Mis, The Avengers, Lord of the Rings (all three), To Save A Life, the first two Narnia movies
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists: 
Besides SNC? Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Darren Criss/Team StarKid, Andy Grammer, Taylor Swift
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
How about not?


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Imagine my shock when I come here after a few days off, and see your name as COTM!! My mouth dropped open and I said to myself..."I KNOW HER!!!!!" (sort of anyway)..way to go! HIgh five you..{slap}, yes I am excited for you! I give you my deepest, most sincere congratulations..ok, I am done, I am happy for you! You go girl!

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Congratulations on COTM!!! Well deserved honor for someone so passionate about SNC!

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Howdy there, girl! :)