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About Me: 
This is my second profile here. ... this site ATE my first profile, so thankfully there aren't any odd Kaffy©'s in the world who would have stolen my name from when I was lost and now being with that being said... I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK!! :P I'm a photographer that means I take a lot of pictures I'm a Close Personal Friend of Weird Al Yankovic. Honestly. I like to travel, and I do a lot of it. I wish I could do more, but alas, I have a Monday through Friday desk job and not a ton of vacation time. So when I do travel I make the most of it. I love Live Music, and try to get to as many shows as I can. Oh and I'm a photographer.
Photography, scrapbooking, Photography, tour chasing.. just to name a few.
United States
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August 28th
Birth Sign: 
Hazel Green
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a House
Chesterton, IN
I'm not really copyrighted..but I should be
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
I travel alot of places.. I can't pick just one, but if I were to pick a place, Antigua or Aruba are both right up there.
Favorite Things in General: 
Singing at the top of my lungs in my car
What Magazines/Periodicals do you read consistently?: 
Shutterbug and Popular Photography and my #Nook .. you can never find me without my Green #Nook so don't even try.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Foods: 
Pizza, Mexican, pineapple, hot dogs, BBQ Chicken or Pork chops on the grill. Mmmmm
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
1,000 places to see before you die
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
Face Off, 13 going on 30, Excess Baggage, Annie, Labyrinth, The Muppet Movie, The Dark Crystal, Drive, Lars and the Real Girl
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists: 
Tonic Sol-fa, Naturally 7, Maroon 5, U2, Weird Al Yankovic (all in no particular Order), Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Death Cab for Cutie..oh wait you said 5? That's very difficult for me to do.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
Seriously way too many to name. WAY too many.


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Congrats on COTM! You will be able to celebrate it with all the Chasers and SNC on board the ship. How totally awesome!!

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Congrats on COTM to a fellow NW Indiana Chaser! :)'s picture

Congratulations! WebCrew's picture

Congrats on being October's Chaser of the Month!! Well-deserved! :)

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Congrats, Kaffy!!

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Thank you!!

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Congrats Kaffy

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Congrats, Kaffy!

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Kidding. I saw your tweet about Weird Al - are you going to come up here to MI for his concert?
How are your legs?

Miss chatting with you! We need to catch up on g-chat sometime!

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Who is this?

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Looking forward to seeing you soon, lady!

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Where is the spreadsheet love?

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You're back!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo happy!!! But all your things are gone. This makes me very sad. :(