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About Me: 
After Don graduated from IU in 2000, he spent the winter as a ski bum in Beaver Creek, CO. With nothing else to do, Don went to law school at the University of Colorado, where he (re-)met his soon-to-be wife Erica. Since law school graduation in 2004, Don has been a Deputy District Attorney in Jefferson County, Colorado, putting evil-doers behind bars. Don’s first son James (favorite song: Sweet Baby James) was born in April of 2007, and his little brother Charlie (favorite song: Bad Romance) was born in February of 2009.
playing guitar, golf, skiing, basketball, hiking, backgammon, watching sports (especially college basketball)
United States
Birth Name: 
Donald Richard Nottingham
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Currently Living In: 
Littleton, CO
Littleton, CO
Relationship Status: 
Married to the most wonderful and supportive woman in the world
Red hair? Big feet? Can sing two notes and do vocal percussion at the same time
Favorite SNC College Memory: 
Performing "Gone" (a duet with Ahlwardt) at the IU Auditorium in May of 2000...either that, or Mark Holloway in a speedo (don't ask).
Musical Influences: 
The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, The Band, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Talking Heads, Raul Midon, Barenaked Ladies, Guster, Jason Mraz.
Favorite Songs to Perform Live: 
I think this answer will have to wait a bit
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
Favorite Things in General: 
wrestling with my kids, IU basketball, Redskins football, Mets baseball, listening to my sons tell stories, trivial pursuit with the family
What Magazines/Periodicals do you read consistently?: 
Rolling Stone, SI, New York Times (online, obviously)
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Foods: 
Erica's chicken parmesan, DeeDee's meatballs, anything smothered in green chili (if you're not from the southwest, you need to get here), my mom's potato salad, and peanut M&M's.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
The Three Amigos, Hoosiers, Run Lola Run, Fletch, Life is Beautiful
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
The Luckiest by Ben Folds, Let It Be by the Beatles, Sweet Baby James by James Taylor, Pancho and Lefty by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson, American Tune by Paul Simon, Beatles Songs (that’s right, they get their own category): Let It Be, Blackbird, For No One, Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End, Yesterday


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DON! We saw you tonight at Humphrey's in San Diego. We were the ones screaming like banshees when you said Littleton, CO! Born and raised (Arapahoe High School class of ... well... awhile ago). LOVE LOVE LOVE Straight No Chaser. So fun to introduce the rest of my family to your great music tonight. Now I'm gonna have a burrito smothered in green chili and dream about Denver Mexican food... Best to you!

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Happy Birthday:)

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Ok...I am reaching out here...pretty unusual but here goes...My daughter and I will be attending in Durham NC on 11/24. She and I have had an estranged relationship for a while. When her mom and I separated she said I was a big disappointment because we never had daddy-daughter dates...She LOVES you guys. She was an all state vocalist and has always loved to sing. I am so proud of her...anyways, THIS is our Daddy Daughter date. I am so hopeful she will want me to be a part of her life again, that she will want to see me, talk to me and be proud of her Daddy...So..I guess this is a request to sing " The Living Years" on that night. I want...I need her to understand she won't have me forever and one day I will be gone. We are losing every second, every day, every year. I love my daughter so much and it just breaks my heart...I guess I feel this is my chance to make it right. You guys are awesome, I hope you see this, and you touch so many people with your music. I hope you reach out and touch my Daughter. Thank you so much.

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Hi, Don! Happy Baritone Appreciation Week. Wanted to stop by and say again how much I love your antics on stage and all the talent you bring to the performance in general. I admire your vocal percussion skills, and the way you perform your solos with effortless attitude and gusto. Can't wait to see you guys again soon! Take care!

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Don, I am just stopping by to tell you how much we love and appreciate you being in SNC! You "used" to be the new guy, but you seem so much a part of the group now, I wouldn't know what to do without your hilarious stage antics, your few but very good blogs, and your great voice. Thank you for sacrificing so much time with your beautiful, growing family to entertain us and be a part of something so special: Straight No Chaser! It's the stuff movies are made of, I hear. ;)

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Thank-you for the phenomenal concert on Sunday; I am still smiling. I really wanted to thank-you for signing my Biomechanics textbook- I honestly don’t have the words to tell you what that means: this is a class that over half the class has to retake and last year this class physically and mentally drained the life out me, no exaggeration. Your music has kept a smile on face since a slacker friend of mine sent me the 12 Days of Christmas you tube video Dec 2007, good thing I was basically finished studying. Back to the present, since now Biomechanics and a few other classes and apparently a mountain of graduation application paperwork are all that stand in my way from graduation. The signatures just make me smile when I go to open the biomechanics book, instead of dread. Thank you and it was very cool that you signed the femur, but definitely not a fun bone to break.

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Happy birthday Don! It's 10:20 here, so I'm not really late. Hope you've had a good one & see you in November!

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Just stopping by to say hi, and I hope things have settled into a good routine with the addition of Henry to your crew. I know the UK Chasers missed you, but I was glad you were able to stay home with your family.

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So happy for you for your new addition! We love babies! Enjoying your cooking tweets, too! Hope you get a little rest - "sleep when the baby sleeps" was always the best advice in my experience. Looking forward to seeing you back with the pack for the Spring tour. See you in Shreveport, LA (hopefully).

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Congratulations Don! Rest up as much as you can before you get back on the road!

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Congratulations Nottinhams all! Dad, get some sleep!

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Oh...and waiting on some pictures!

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Congratulations to you, Erica and the boys! We are so excited about Henry's arrival!

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Congratulations on Henry and best wishes to the entire family.

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Congratulations on your new little blessing!

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Congratulations on the arrival of the newest tiny Chaser!! How wonderful!! Best wishes to your entire family. I bet you sing fantastic lullabies.

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Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy!

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"Go Tell It On The Mountain," Don when you get back to Colorado to celebrate Christmas with your family!

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Just saw you live in Littleton! I work in Centennial and live in Aurora. My husband and I are both IU grads and we moved here from Indianapolis almost 4 years ago. We LOVE SNC and are so glad one of you lives so close by! Unfortunately we missed your most recent performance that the Denver Chapter of the IU Alumni Association attended, but we hope to attend a performance very soon!!

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Just got home from the 3PM show at the Chicago Theater. AMAZING!!!! Second Row!!! Second year we have gone.

Thank you.

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My neice Nancy worked with you. She is the one who introduced our family to the group,
She said HI,,,, Have tickets to go to concert in Spokane in March,

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see SNC is coming to my city of Jacksonville, Florida on December 21st! I would give ANYTHING to be able to go! I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a single mother with one in college and one in high school! I work two jobs and still struggle! I just found out I have a tumor on my brain the size of a quarter. It has not been a fun year! SNC is my ultimate favorite! I love all of your songs! If you know of anyway I could get 2 tickets to the concert, please let me know. My ultimate wish is to be there and get a picture with all of you! Love yall!!! Susan..

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Happy Thanksgiving, Don!! (Or should I say Conan??) ;) It was so great to see you in the parade!!

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Saw you at Mohegan tonight and just wanted to show some love. :) Come back soon!

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Amazing show tonight in Norfolk, thank you so much! One day I will get to meet you guys! Thank you again!!!

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DON! You are AWESOME!!!! I'm going to the concert at Merril Auditorium! GO RED HEADS!

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Don -it is so very COOL that you had not one blog but two blogs for us this week! You have such a gift of telling a story! Thanks for taking time to share. "Never Gets Old" was so nice to hear. I wondered if y'all just tolerated the m&G because y'all are nice guys, but it is exciting to hear that is a highlight of the night for you. I appreciate you sharing your talent with us! Blessings, friend!

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WOW!! What a show in Appleton last night!!! Can't wait until you come back to the area again!!

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Your show in Des Moines was excellent. You guys had the audience dancing in their seats; there was so much energy on stage and in the crowd...WOW! Thanks for the meet-and-greet afterwards!

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Don -

We did our best to show you the hometown love when you were here last week - I hope we were loud enough. I trust the rest of the gang didn't feel left out ;)

-the redhead-

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Excellent show in Kansas City this afternoon, Don! Thanks for the "meet-and-greet" afterwards. We appreciate you guys visiting with the fans today even though it gave you very little down time before you had your 2nd KC performance tonight. We'll see you in Des Moines on Tuesday!

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You were fantastic last night! I'm also from Littleton and it was SO much fun to see you all back performing in Denver! Can't wait until next year, you all are amazing!!


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Hi, i was wondering if there was any way to get sheet music for the 12 days of christmas, if you could send me an email to talk about it, it would be great. thanks you so much. my email is

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Don, we really appreciate your Colorado mountain and LA mountain views pics you have been sharing with us. Thank you for being such a talented and fun addition to the Straight No Chaser family! BTW, love the profile pic here with the trimmed beard. You look great that way! Can't wait to hear you on EVERY song on a new SNC album!

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Hope you are having a great vacation with your family! Thanks for sharing pics with us on here and on Twitter! See you guys in November. Maybe I can scrounge up some more Gummi Bacon.

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Hi Don!
Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I hope you're enjoying your time at home and that you're getting lots of rest and relaxation! You most definitely deserve it. :)

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HI Don,
I was looking at the photos today and I noticed that there is no photo of you and you mom in the "SNC Moms" file. Thought you should now. Stay safe and have fun in Colorado.

God bless,

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I should have stopped by yesterday, but I just wanted to say....we are SO BLESSED to enjoy your talents! So grateful that you were able to join the group! I hope you enjoyed your first birthday as a professional a cappella singer! Blessings!

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday:)

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Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo. Hope its awesome

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Hope you have a superfantabulous Birthday Sir! As my mother would sing to us:

May you live a hundred years.
May you drink a thousand beers.
Get plastered you baaaaaaaad boy!
Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!

I am glad you were born!


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Happy Birthday Don! :-)

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Happy Birthday Don! I wish you have a fantastic day, hopefully the guys will be nice to you today.

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It was great to see you guys perform on August 3rd. My friends and I had such a great time especially when you guys did the boy band songs!!! It took us back to our childhood!! Thanks for the meet and greet afterwards!

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Don - thanks for doing the live chat tonight. It has been great to get to see more of your personality. You bring a lot to the group! Blessings friend!

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Hi Don! So glad you joined the group! What a perfect fit! I'm sure Lady Gaga & the Gummi Bears would be proud! I can't wait to see you in December! I just need to get some info from you. What is your favorite color(s)? Thanks!

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I absolutely love your beautiful voices but I must know WHEN WILL YOUR NEXT CD BE OUT???? Here it is the middle of April and to get my fix of SNC I put all of my cd's on repeat even the Christmas cd's! While your Christmas music is as beautiful as the others I feel I will be looked at strangely while working around the yard listening to Christmas music. My family is already questioning me about it while I blast it through the house!
Is it possible to record a few songs that emphasize the baratones ie: Elvira and The long Black Train?????
Forever your fan!
Candace (Minimom) Burton

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Hi, Don! I haven't seen much online from you lately, so I was just stopping by to say hello. I hope you are enjoying your time off from touring. Being on tour must be exhausting and a big adjustment.

Hope to hear from you in cyberspace soon- don't let Ryan hog all the blog space!