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About Me: 
Charlie Mechling, recently relocated to Las Vegas from New York City with his wife, who is also a performer. A native of Bloomington, Indiana, Mechling has performed in major regional theaters, including the Barrington Stage Company and Cape Fear Regional Theatre, and has toured nationally with various shows, and internationally with the USO. Voice Part: Bass
Singing, Rock Climbing, Golf
United States
Birth Name: 
Charles Eric Mechling
Charlie, T.F. Shucks, Chuck
April 12th, 1977
Birth Sign: 
Currently Living In: 
Houston, TX
Bloomington, IN
Relationship Status: 
known for one-liners
Favorite SNC College Memory: 
Wow. Just one? Our first headlining concert in Alumni Hall, sold WAY over capacity (don't tell the fire marshal). Amazing!
Musical Influences: 
Paul Simon, Ray Charles, Alison Krauss, Andy Williams
Favorite Songs to Perform Live: 
Any, really. As long as we're not background music, 'cause then it gets ugly.
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
Either St. Petersburg, Russia, or Korea and Japan, with the USO.
Favorite Things in General: 
: My Wife, Julia (sorry, lil sappy); Music; Family.
What Magazines/Periodicals do you read consistently?: 
None, really. Unless Delta's Sky Magazine counts.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Foods: 
Corned Beef & Cabbage, Fried Chicken and all the Fixins, Raspberries, Anything grilled, Steak
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
How about Authors: Jose Saramago (esp. Blindness), John Irving (Prayer For Owen Meany), Chuck Palahniuk, Nick Hornby, David Sedaris
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, Tommy Boy, Any James Bond (although preferably Sean Connery, of course), The Incredibles.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists: 
Paul Simon, Alison Krauss, The Killers, John Legend, George Strait
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
Wow, too many. Totally depends on my mood.


Jana Huffman's picture

Great concert tonight! I was the one in the front rows looking silly all smiles. oy. "I know you want it". hmmmm or is it "you?" so many comments I could say here but just know that I love your sense of humor and rich voice. Thank you for coming to Portland.

Rob_5's picture

Awesome concert tonight at the Pike's Peak Center. I love listening to your albums, but live is so much more fun due to your great personalities and choreography to go with your great voices. Thanks for a great, memorable evening!

Psmaht's picture

Ok...I am reaching out here...pretty unusual but here goes...My daughter and I will be attending in Durham NC on 11/24. She and I have had an estranged relationship for a while. When her mom and I separated she said I was a big disappointment because we never had daddy-daughter dates...She LOVES you guys. She was an all state vocalist and has always loved to sing. I am so proud of her...anyways, THIS is our Daddy Daughter date. I am so hopeful she will want me to be a part of her life again, that she will want to see me, talk to me and be proud of her Daddy...So..I guess this is a request to sing " The Living Years" on that night. I want...I need her to understand she won't have me forever and one day I will be gone. We are losing every second, every day, every year. I love my daughter so much and it just breaks my heart...I guess I feel this is my chance to make it right. You guys are awesome, I hope you see this, and you touch so many people with your music. I hope you reach out and touch my Daughter. Thank you so much.

mluza's picture

Charlie, just was viewing Hayden's pics on Twitter. What an amazingly handsome boy (just like Daddy). My fav was the profile pic of you and him. Can't wait to see SNC in New Brunswick. I'll be down in front as usual. Love all of you Monica's picture

DUDE!!!!!!! YOU ARE AN AMAZING BARITONE. I went to your concert at the Fox Theater on December 12, 2012. YOU WERE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

LaraAnderson's picture

Great show in Cherokee NC - it was our first SNC show live. We were sandwiched between two ladies who were bona fide CHASERS and had the shirts to prove it. Thanks for doing what y'all do, you're amazing! I have some pictures from the show but I'm not sure how to get them to y'all - I uploaded some on your Facebook page. Enjoyed every minute of it!

Gabriella's picture

Thank-you for the phenomenal concert on Sunday, I still have a smile. I really wanted to thank-you for signing my Biomechanics textbook- I honestly don’t have to words to tell you what that means: this is a class that over half the class has to retake and last year this class physically and mentally drained the life out me, no exaggeration. Your music has kept a smile on face since a slacker friend of mine sent me the 12 Days of Christmas you tube video Dec 2007, good thing I was basically finished studying. Back to the present, since now Biomechanics and a few other classes are all that stand in my way from graduation, the pressure is really on and your signature on the tibia and fibula diagram remind me to smile. It was great that you randomly opened the kelvin-voigt model to quiz Don. P.S. The Kelvin-voight model is one the methods used to measure viscoelasticity:) Just in case you ever need to know.

MizShepherdist's picture

Charlie, you and the lads were on fire last night at Sac town (aka Fresno). Saw you last year in Sac also, you've definitely upped your game!

Fabulous concert! You simply must convince the rest of the boys to let you sing more of those, whatdyacallem, WORDS! Forget the 12-step program.

Rock on!

StephanieS's picture

Charlie...Thank You for again making Chicken Fried my all time favorite song!!! I like the SNC version better than Zac Brown's..Hoping to catch you guys at the Saginaw, Michigan show in April of this year...As a Navy vet, it brings tears to my eyes to hear that verse!! Thank You...Hint Hint...Maybe you'll perform that in Saginaw?????? Thanks for all the awesome music..You guys are by far my favorite...Have a great tour and hope to see you all in a few months!!!

Lexi's picture

Basses rule! A friend of mine recently started listening to SNC and now wants to start an all girl a cappella group at my school, and she asked me to be an alto II and maybe just to switch around parts, and I said AWESOME! Because although I'm a soprano II, alto II is funner...excuse my grammar, it's "more fun"...

Brooke Pietri's picture

Charlie! Just wanted to say you're my favorite and your birthday is one day before mine! (:

dayle_marie's picture

Charlie!!! please please record Chicken Fried because you are just so good at it!!! :)

Sharon Rudolph's picture

Charlie, thank you so much for signing the pictures my daughter brought of you and her and your last 2 concerts here in Fresno!! She was hoping to get a 3rd picture with you, but you guys had another venue to attend. We look forward to getting that 3rd picture next time you are here in Fresno!!

We had an amazing time last night!

IanF's picture

Charlie, just posted this on Randy's page too. In my opinion, it is the bass work from the two of you that really carry the group and separate it from all the pretenders out there. Great job. Thank you for doing it!

ngj3's picture

"Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays..." Can't wait for you to be able to celebrate Hayden's first Christmas with Julia!

gcmcclure's picture

Hey Charlie. It's Jerry McClure. Haven't talked to you in a LONG time. Just saw you guys perform at the Chicago Theatre this past saturday, but unfortunately couldn't stick around for the meet and greet. I would love to try and catch up sometime. if you get a minute. You guys were great, and it was awesome to see you if only from a distance. Tell DR I say HI!

paul harvey's picture

Hey Charlie hope all is well with julia and the baby. I left mccormick and schmicks and went to the golden nugget as manager at Grotto. I am back in vegas on the 11th of dec until the 22nd for my last 11 days of training. Staying at the nugget downtown. If your in town then would love to see you guys. Tell everyone i said Hi. Paul Harvey

Gabriel's picture

Charlie-for the third year in a row "the richest boy in Oregon" will be in Portland to see you guys the front row! Haha I'm so excited to see you guys perform again tomorrow.
-Richest Boy in Oregon (per Charlie)

Nadda's picture

Charlie- you are by far the funniest Chaser I have ever met. I was so excited to finally be able to see all of you guys live after many, many youtube videos and PBS glad to say 'I've been there!' I cannot wait to see you guys again and hopefully sneak in some better pictures with each one of your smiling faces :).

GerryG's picture

Just got home from the 3PM show at Chicago Theater. AMAZING!!!! Second Row!!! Second year we have gone.

Thank you.

emily821's picture

You are phenomenal. Mr. Grinch is one of my favorites because of you :D

Susan_4's picture

see SNC is coming to my city of Jacksonville, Florida on December 21st! I would give ANYTHING to be able to go! I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a single mother with one in college and one in high school! I work two jobs and still struggle! I just found out I have a tumor on my brain the size of a quarter. It has not been a fun year! SNC is my ultimate favorite! I love all of your songs! If you know of anyway I could get 2 tickets to the concert, please let me know. My ultimate wish is to be there and get a picture with all of you! Love yall!!! Susan..

Family of Fans's picture


At your 1st concert in Portland Oregon, you pointed to a kid in the front row and announced that the richest kid in Oregon was sitting in the front row!. He was again in the front row for your 2nd concert in Portland. Tuesday Night Dec 6th, he is looking forward to once again being in the front row, along with the rest of our family to enjoy the LIVE Straight No Chaser Experience!!
As to him being the richest kid... well not financially, but he is rich with Straight No Chaser Music. Thanks for enriching our lives with your great vocals!

Maria Fulton's picture

Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie!! (or can I call you Chuck?? ;) It was so great to see you in the parade!!

D-Mau's picture

What is your lowest note?

Yvonne's picture

Great show in CT tonight! You guys better come back soon or else i'll be very, very sad ;)

amychrisgarner's picture

Thank you so much for the spectacular show in Norfolk tonight!! You guys are all sensational and I can't wait to hear you perform again!!

MAC_3's picture

What a great show in Des Moines tonight; we enjoyed it from our seats in the 4th row; tonight was the 4th time we had the privilege of seeing Straight No Chaser live! We'll have to wait a few months before we see you perform again, but we're looking forward to April 2012.. See you in Sioux City!

MAC_3's picture

Thanks for the "meet-and-greet" after the 2:00 show in Kansas City this afternoon; it was well worth our three hour drive to see you and SNC live! Looking forward to seeing SNC in Des Moines on Tuesday!

Erin Nelson's picture

I was at your concert last night and I just have to say that I LOVE watching you all! I've converted half of my office floor into SNC fans, and we had a wonderful time at the concert last night! I hope the tour continues well and you all have a very good rest of your year. You all have a gift that brings joy to thousands. Thanks again for the wonderful concert!

DottieK's picture

Hayden is about the most adorable little baby boy I have ever seen. I'll bet you get more proud every day. I pray the fall tour rushes by for you so you can get back to him & beautiful Julia. Baby's first Christmas......oh, gosh. I'm excited for you & your family! So fun. Take care, Charlie!

ChessCoach's picture

We will see you in Appleton on 10/27/11. I am treating my much older brothers to the concert. We will be sitting close to the front. We have all sung in church choirs and/or barber shop quartets over the years. I apologize in advance if you hear your superb bass notes start resonating in two 80+ year olds. They can't help it. I did marathon surfing of mens acapella groups. I know the other SNC guys think they are good, but it is the SNC bass notes that make SNC stand above all the rest!!

44soccerspin44's picture

I've been trying to see you guys live ever since the radio played your 12 Days of Christmas on the radio years ago. I'm so excited to be going to your show in Roanoke!! What can I expect to be hearing there? Old favorites? New renditions? Original songs? And will I get to see you dance? :D Good Luck and have fun!

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Shaina's picture

(*in best unicorn voice*) Chaaaaaarlie... Heeeeeey Chaaaaarlie...

Haha, anyways, I just thought I'd drop by and say hi. I hope you're having a great time at home with your family! :D

ngj3's picture

Hope you're out of harms way with those wildfires....

MaryDSinTX's picture

Hello Charlie! You were amazing when I saw you in Atlantic City! The Big Band with Me and My Shadow is one of my favorites! You are Mr. Entertainment in my book. You are not "just a bass" at all!! And you know I favor basses.

I think maybe you need to update your favorite things section on this page. I know you have been busy working and doting over Hayden, but I noticed his name isn't on the favorite things list... and ... well, I can just tell that he is one of your favorite things. It is not sappy AT ALL to have you sweet and beautiful Julia as numero uno. I love that!! Just thought Hayden might need to be added somewhere... :) Thank you for working so hard with SNC, making music that makes so many of us very happy every day, and for being you. You are adored by many fans! .. Oh, and keep posting the Hayden pics. We love them!

AnaV's picture

I'm an incredibly ginormous SNC fan! I love your music and I watch you guys on youtube all the time. You guys sound amazingly good on youtube and I can only imagine how good you guys sound live. I was wondering, do you guys ever have contests or free tickets for poor fans? because I've been dying to go to one of your concerts but the price ranges are just way out of my pocket. I know I sound like a beggar rite now, but it doesn't hurt to ask, rite?

Kara_2's picture

Great show on 8/3/11. My friends and I really loved the British Invasion. We need more 80's!!!

sncmusic's picture

Charile you are an amazing bass and an overall amazing singer. I love hearing SNC sing! Keep up the good work!

Lisa N.'s picture

Charlie - Thanks for taking time to do the live chat tonight. You are hilarious! I absolutely love hearing you sing - "Me and My Shadow" is outstanding. Love how sweet you are about your wife and son! Praying for you as I know the distance isn't easy. You bring a lot of joy to people through your music. Thanks! Blessings, friend!

Jennifer_11's picture

Hey Charlie,
My husband & I met you (Mike, Jerome, Tyler & Dave too) in the sports bar at Caesars windsor last winter (we were the ones who bought you guys beers!)...we are excited to see you'll be back @ Caesars and just in time for our 10th wedding anniversary! Any chance of arranging a special dedication to my husband at the 11/5 show??

Vixter's picture

Hi Charlie! How's fatherhood been treating you? How's Hayden? I hope all is well! Anyway, I just had a quick question. What is your favorite color(s)? Thanks!

Linda_11's picture

Let's see-- London, Hayden--Barry Manilow , Hayden. Great trade off!!! Congratulations Charlie and Julia on your most treasured possession...

SheriS's picture

I just saw your newest picture of you beautiful baby! He is one very handsome young man! So happy for both of you---are you getting any sleep? Hope so! Congratulations!

Laura_6's picture

Congratulations Charlie and Julia! Hayden is beautiful! I'm so happy for you both!

Alyssa_6's picture

Congrats, Charlie and Julia:) Hayden in adorable!

AngieTheCanuck's picture

Congratulations, Charlie and Julia! Hayden is just a little bundle of perfect!

Vixter's picture

Congratulations Charlie & Julia! He's adorable! Just in time for Mommy's Day! It may sound like a long time before either of you gets any sleep again, but it won't be that bad. It'll be over before you know it. Just hang on to as many moments (even the little ones) for as long as possible!

Brittain's picture

Congratulations to the both of you! You are now no longer just Charlie, you're Hayden's DADDY! Wishing you three the best!