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About Me: 
I just moved to Denver, Colorado from small town New Mexico (previously from small town Texas). I found out about SNC through a friend posting the YouTube video of the original 12 Days on Facebook and I've been hooked ever since! October 20, 2011 will mark my first SNC concert and I can't wait to experience it!
Reading, writing, music, crocheting, spending time with family and friends.
United States
May 5
Birth Sign: 
Dark blue/gray
Currently Living In: 
Westminster, CO
Midland, TX
I'm short? Don't know if I really have a "trademark".
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
Virginia. My family is from the Richmond area.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Foods: 
Anything Mexican, Italian, German, Greek or Indian. I especially love curry!
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
The Kite Runner, Lord of the Rings triology, Water for Elephants, The Blood of Flowers, The Doomsday Key
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, The Nanny Diaries, Finding Neverland, and the list goes on.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists: 
SNC, Hyannis Sound, Anuna, Celtic Woman, Crux Vocal Ensemble, anything from Broadway musicals especially Rent.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
Constantly changing but right now it's anything Hyannis Sound. I've been watching videos/listening to mp3 clips non-stop for the last week.


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Thank you for sharing Amanda! You're going to have a great time on the cruise! The Chasers I've met thus far are wonderful and way too much fun! Be prepared to laugh often!!! :)

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I need to look at my funds too. I really want to go though-it combines my two great loves-SNC and cruising. Email me direct if you decide to do this so we can work out the logistics. my email is

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Congrats, Amanda!!!!!

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Congratulations Amanda!

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Congratulations, Amanda!!! :) #COTM

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Congratulations--November COTM! Way to go!

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Congratulations on COTM!!!! Enjoy the fun! :)

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Congrats on COTM!!!

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Thanks everyone! Totally caught me by surprise! I saw that I had a bunch of comments on my profile but I had no idea why!

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Congratulations Amanda

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Congrats Amanda.

BTW, love your profile pic.

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Congrats Amanda!! You've joined a great group of people!! Enjoy your month!!

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Congrats on being named the new COTM!!! Enjoy yourself!

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Congratulations on being the new Chaser of the Month!!

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Congrats Amanda!!

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Congratulations on COTM! :o) WebCrew's picture

Hey Amanda,

Thank you SO MUCH for all the help figuring out this issue!! Everything should be working now (bit of a coding issue, it's been corrected) but let us know if anything still looks off.

And don't forget to let the Facebook Chasers know, too! Sharing is caring!! :)

Thanks again,
SNC WebCrew WebCrew's picture

Hey Amanda,

Saw your post on the Feedback tab.. did the problem start after a computer or browser update? is designed to look best in Mozilla Firefox so if at all possible, we recommend using that browser when viewing the site. If you choose to use a different browser and the site looks as if it is loading a bit odd, try using the “compatibility view” option for that browser when viewing

Thanks, hope this helps!
SNC WebCrew

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Thanks for the response! =]

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Ha! They're hilarious. Free Track Tuesdays were my jam. =) Fredo=How Low.

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Tidings is a great album! Currently listening to "Baby, It's Cold Outside." ^_^

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Hi Amanda! Thanks for posting on the map! It's exciting to me to see this idea of mine fill up with all the Chasers!

I see you and I share a love of Celtic music and electronica/new age-y music (i.e., Cirque du Soleil)! It's amazing how a group like SNC can bring together so many like-minded people!

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The two songs were "Never Over" and "Show my How to Live Without You".

"Never Over" was written during the time that Denis was still alive. "Show Me How to Live Without You" was written after Denis had passed.

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Hey Amanda! I'm in Los Alamos. Where are you?
Cheers, Alex

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Are you friends with the guys on FB? If not, that could be why you are not able to view the picture Kristin posted in the love thread.

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Hi Amanda! Only by a few minutes!! I wasn't sure where to post it. It looked really suspicious when there were listings on ALL the profiles!

I actually came on just to put something else on another discussion. Isn't this just the coolest website? I love all the comments people make!

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I kind of liked that picture of Ryan myself. Love the little scruffy on him!

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Kristin and S: LOL! As for being able to say it five times fast, probably not! I wonder what Seggie would think about this idea?

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But can you say it five times fast? ;-)

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Should a Seggie Snuggie be called a "Sneggie?"

KristinC's picture

Seggie Snuggie - ROTFLMAO!!!

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Hi Amanda, Would you friend me too on Facebook? I looked and could not find your picture. I'm listed the same as here: Lynnette Holle. Thanks

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Still can't find you! Add me: Kristin Messick Crowder!

Amanda_5's picture

It's the same as this one. I probably should have clarified that!

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There are a lot of Amanda Roses on FB. What does your profile pic look like so I can add you?

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I can see the security/customs officer's reaction now. "Ma'am, what do you have in your suitcase?" "Um, well, uh...." LOL

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If you ever go to Ireland, please tell me so I can pack myself in your luggage. Then we'll go scope out S.'s (Esses?) castle.

S. Brandon's picture

My ancestors built and ruled Blarney Castle. (Really.) Do you think you could get me a copy of the deed? ;-)

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Hi Amanda! Nice meeting you :-) Glad you are enjoying the videos and the thshirt and #blameCarla antics! I recognize your youtube moniker as well :-) Yes, you got it right, its Irish Gaelic for Horseman or rider, good job! Someday I hope to go to Ireland and ride through the countryside. Hope to see you re around!

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I just cruised your profile - so cool that you're doing Irish Studies! My goal is to get to Ireland someday, but it won't happen until my husband is out of school. Can you speak any Gaelic?

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Hi Amanda! Thanks for the "Tyler arrangement info"! I didn't know that he arranged those..and I LOVE his version of "I'll Be Home for Christmas (and I know he sings lead in it). Not so familiar w/ Chicken Fried, although they sang it at the Indy concert! Need to go listen to IBHFC right now! ^ ~ ^

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Thanks! :-)