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Walter Chase, an NYC-based freelance music producer and arranger, has written and produced music for bands, staged productions, and a cappella groups. He is a vocal coach, a trained studio engineer, an avid sports fan (Mets, Eagles, Devils, IU Basketball) and happily married. Voice Part: Tenor 2
Concerts, fantasy sports, golf
United States
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Walter Chase
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Currently Living In: 
New York, NY
Easton, PA
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Musical arranger, Screaming falsetto, “Jewish guy”
Favorite SNC College Memory: 
Performing at Carnegie Hall (May 1998)
Musical Influences: 
Quincy Jones, The Beach Boys, Boyz II Men, Take 6
Favorite Songs to Perform Live: 
Hi-De-Ho, Joy to the World, Fix You, NY NY/Empire State of Mind
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
Favorite Things in General: 
My wife, my family, The New York Mets, TV Shows: Band of Brothers, Mad Men, PTI
What Magazines/Periodicals do you read consistently?: 
Rolling Stone, Billboard
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Foods: 
1 Pizza, New York style 2 Steak, Little Zagreb's 3 Chickavo, Lenny’s (NYC) 4 Sushi, any 5 Burgers with BBQ sauce
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
1 The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien) 2 The Fountainhead (Rand) 3 All You Need to Know About the Music Business (Passman) 4 The Da Vinci Code (Brown) 5 The Audacity of Hope (Obama)
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
1 The Big Lebowski 2 The Lord of the Rings 3 Spaceballs 4 Almost Famous 5 Old School
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists: 
1 The Beatles 2 Stevie Wonder 3 Paul Simon 4 Arcade Fire 5 Jay-Z
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
1 “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”, Stevie Wonder 2 “The Boxer”, Simon and Garfunkel 3 “God Only Knows”, The Beach Boys 4


oldguy61's picture

Walter, saw SNC last Sunday in Purdue land. The show was tremendous! Loved it when you introduced yourself and told your hometown of Brooklyn, New York with the added "Five Banners." Like you, only someone who bleeds cream and crimson would understand this great comment in Lafayette, Indiana.

mneylon's picture

Hi there! Do you know who I could contact re: purchasing SNC's arrangement of "Rhythm of Love" my students really want to perform it and I would love to get the sheet music. Thank you!


Carissa's picture

Hi Walter, we've 'met' at the meet-and-greet in the Netherlands and I must say that I was disappointed about how this took place. I loved watching you rehearse (behind the scenes) - you explained that you had to rehearse this song (Roxanne) you would perform for the first time. However this is a song that is already posted on youtube several times.
I also would have enjoyed it to talk some more, instead of the 5 minutes where you asked where everybody is from. Maybe my expectations were to high but I hoped for a better value for money for the VIP-arangement.
Nevertheless the show was lovely to watch! The ten of you are great singers and entertainers!! Sorry that Hi-De-Ho was left out, I will definitely go to a next show and maybe hear it then!

Anna Maria Baumann's picture

I'll be seeing you for the 4th time in November, in Appleton. Walt, do you think you can talk the guys into doing The Lion Sleeps Tonight? I would really love to see it live....pretty please???

Daryl S's picture

Love you guys and would really like to hear The Man Who Can't Be Moved on May 1 in Santa Rosa. It will be the 6th time I've seen you but have never heard it live. Please put it on your list.
Love the new "Happy" and "Let It Go"

Daryl S's picture

Hi Walt,
The last time we saw you was in Modesto, CA in August. I will see you for the fifth time in Sacramento on 12/28 at the matinee performance at the Crest Theater. You would make this older woman very happy if you won would put "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" on your playlist. To me it is the most moving and beautiful song you sing, and it showcases all of your voices to perfection. . Please consider this request. I remember you told me at the last meet and greet that it is requested quite often, and it would make my day and the friends day as well.
Thank you and looking forward to seeing you!

JerseyLou's picture

Two things, Walt:

1) Do you remember when I suggested on a TellAllTuesday that you consider doing a video where you break down a song into all the parts and show us how it comes together? Someone followed a while back, and you said it was in the works... Still happening?

2) I'm enjoying The Nutcracker. Have you thought about doing something like that with Pachabel's Canon? I would think there would be a lot of vocal options, and you could anywhere you wanted with lyrics...

KarenLane's picture

You guys were AMAZING last night in Hampton Beach. I've been waiting a long time to get to hear you live, and I was so glad I did! Thanks for signing my ipod!

Psmaht's picture

Ok...I am reaching out here...pretty unusual but here goes...My daughter and I will be attending in Durham NC on 11/24. She and I have had an estranged relationship for a while. When her mom and I separated she said I was a big disappointment because we never had daddy-daughter dates...She LOVES you guys. She was an all state vocalist and has always loved to sing. I am so proud of her...anyways, THIS is our Daddy Daughter date. I am so hopeful she will want me to be a part of her life again, that she will want to see me, talk to me and be proud of her Daddy...So..I guess this is a request to sing " The Living Years" on that night. I want...I need her to understand she won't have me forever and one day I will be gone. We are losing every second, every day, every year. I love my daughter so much and it just breaks my heart...I guess I feel this is my chance to make it right. You guys are awesome, I hope you see this, and you touch so many people with your music. I hope you reach out and touch my Daughter. Thank you so much.

TaraBaucom's picture

hi all most new dad walter chase sponge walt

annakwan78's picture

Hi Walter, to your Jewish guy character who is longing for a Hanukkah song of his own, you need to check out the Maccabeats' song, "Candlelight" on YouTube. This song will definitely rival any SNC Christmas number. Perhaps a future concert with both groups on stage for one BIG holiday show? :) Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Kwanzaa TOO!

deb0619's picture

Hi, Walter, just popping in to wish you (or your " Jewish guy" character) Hanukkah blessings, to you and yours, and every blessing in the year ahead. :-)

Vixter's picture

You think you have it bad with Time - Warner? Try Comcast for one afternoon & I guarantee you you'll be pulling your hair out in no time!

jdhaddock's picture

It was sooooo great to be able to enjoy your performance in Omaha tonight! My daughter and I had such a great time! Thanks for coming to the BIg O and we hope you'll be back next year! Mozaltov!

Tammy_15's picture

hey do you ever come to Virginia? i have been wondering for quite some time. if you would ever be in the area i would really like to come see all of you.

Gabriella's picture

Thank-you for the phenomenal concert on Sunday; I am still smiling. I really wanted to thank-you for signing my Biomechanics textbook- I honestly don’t have the words to tell you what that means: this is a class that over half the class has to retake and last year this class physically and mentally drained the life out me, no exaggeration. Your music has kept a smile on face since a slacker friend of mine sent me the 12 Days of Christmas you tube video Dec 2007, good thing I was basically finished studying. Back to the present, since now Biomechanics and a few other classes and apparently a mountain of graduation application paperwork are all that stand in my way from graduation. The signatures just make me smile when I go to open the biomechanics book, instead of dread. Thank you:)

sobrien1087's picture

Greetings from a huge fan who grew up across the river in P'Burg and now works in Jerome's backyard in Allentown. I have a huge request to make if at all wife and I will be taking the SNC cruise in October and it will literally fall on the 25th anniversry of our honeymoon, which was also a cruise. On October 10th we'll celebrate the 25th anniversary of our wedding day back at the U. of Notre Dame, where we met through singing in the Glee Club and Chorale - just up the road from where SNC found its early beginnings. As I am sure we shared similar repetoires, and I'm sure we will have opportunities to cross paths on the ship in October, if there is any way SNC could sing a love song to my wife as a special gift from me, that would be great! The ND Glee Club frequently sang Edward Purcell's "Passing By" for such occassons, and I would be honored to sing it with you if allowed. Hope there is a chance to make something like this happen! Looking forward to seeing you in October and also hope you can return to Musikfest this summer as well! My best, Sean

scnaveau's picture

Hey! My brother is getting married in April. He and his future wife (as well as the rest of our families) are big fans of SNC and would like to use your version of "Stand By Me" for their first dance. He is not comfortable ripping it off YouTube and cannot find another audio recording. Please help us out! They would be VERY appreciative (as well as super surprised!). My email address is Thank you so much! Keep up the great work!

Grace F.'s picture

You guys are AMAZING!!!! I saw you guys perform in Chicago at the Chicago Theater in December and I have to say, even after having seen you guys for the 5th time in concert, you guys never fail to bring it! I have all of SNC's albums and by far I'd have to say that my favorite song that you guys sing is "Time of the Season" by the Zombies and "fix you" by Coldplay. I can't wait to see you guys perform live again!

SamP's picture

I just wanted to share with you that we have listened to your Christmas albums repeatedly over the holidays and my children (4 and 2) love them. The 4 year old loves "Who "Smacked" the Egg Nog" and " The 12 days of Christmas" because y'll always mess it up. The 2 year old loves to say "Not me. I just got here." from "Who Spiked the Egg Nog." Thank you for creating such wonderful music that I am comfortable sharing with my kids.

ngj3's picture

"Happy Holidays" Walter!

Quigley's picture

Rose from St. Rose and Nukeman must be very proud. RPI Phi Kappa Theta, Quigley.

yarp24's picture

Happy Hanukkah to your Jewish Guy character! Do something special during 12 Days for him in the last few shows! :)

pitmanette's picture

Walt ? Have you ever considered doing the "Time Warp"? Anyone that can do that Gaga routine could do the Time Warp.

Tammycmc's picture

I just introduced another 140 students to you last week!

Walter - I'm still hoping for a Jose Feliciano/Feliz Navidad spoof!! It would have been nice to have Dan in on it too, but I'm still hoping you'll pull it off!

- Spanish Teacher

Vixter's picture

Hi Walt! I went to the Rosemont show over the weekend. Awesome! Anyway, I asked Ryan this during the meet & greet, but thought maybe you'd have more input on this. I'm going to see you guys in April & it's only an hour from me. The first show I saw was in Decature, which was cool. How about coming to Springfield, IL or Chatham, IL. (where I'm from). It would just make driving less of a hassle. Just something to think about!

Cecily's picture

This may sound strange, but … have you ever thought about doing a cover for Moulin Rouge’s “Come What May”? I was listening to Il Divo’s spectacular Spanish version of the song, “Te Amare,” and thought SNC can create a beautiful version of it too (well, in English of course). In addition, Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” + Lipps Inc’s “Funky Town”= one sweet 80s mix. Hell, why not? Hint, hint Walt.

dirish's picture

Arrangement skill set impecable. Don't know how you do it!! Loved the show at the Chicago Theater yesterday. We had such a great holiday outing with our best friends group forom Libertyville, IL. Thanks for the fun times! Saw you down at IU when my son was there in 2000. So great to see you guys doing great things! It's amazing how things turned out! Merry Christmas!

GerryG's picture

Just got home from the 3PM show at Chicago Theater. AMAZING!!! Second row!!! Second year we have gone.

Thank you.

P.S. New Special not on WTTW tonight.

Alex MH's picture

So you know how you are basically main arranger after Dan left? Well would you happen to have the music for the 12 Days of Christmas? I started an acapella group at my high school and that's a song we want to do more than anything! Thanks!

emily821's picture

Your arranging skills are sick. I wish I could see how your mind works. I am constantly amazed by your work. Great job and I can't wait to see what else you have in store!!! Dredel Dredel!

Susan_4's picture

see SNC is coming to my city of Jacksonville, Florida on December 21st! I would give ANYTHING to be able to go! I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a single mother with one in college and one in high school! I work two jobs and still struggle! I just found out I have a tumor on my brain the size of a quarter. It has not been a fun year! SNC is my ultimate favorite! I love all of your songs! If you know of anyway I could get 2 tickets to the concert, please let me know. My ultimate wish is to be there and get a picture with all of you! Love yall!!! Susan..

Carolyn Torella's picture

Hey, Walt! Great show at the Beacon & congrats on the parade appearance - after Elmo & before Santa - couldn't ask for a better spot!
Hey you guys should get some shows scheduled for New Zealand next year - The Hobbit movie release date is set for Dec. 14, 2012! (Do you know of all the latest Hobbit/LoTR news!) Thanks again for a great night of music! -Carolyn (AKA Ann LaDuca's sister)

Maria Fulton's picture

Happy Thanksgiving, Walter!!! It was so great to see you in the parade!! And what a fabulous job you and your boys did! :)

Quincy Gilbert's picture

Just saw you guys tonight with my family in Providence, RI they enjoyed and so did my mother and I who saw you last year as well. I took tons of videos and pics to share with friend and family and my schools chamber singers but when I got home I dropped my ipod and lost all of the videos and pics...hopefully I will see the show again next year. Thanks for being an inspiration. Quincy G

Samineh's picture

Hi Walt,
I was wondering if I could get the sheet music for the Christmas Can Can. My friends and I would love to perform it! If you could email it to me at that would be great!
Thank you,

Yvonne's picture

I saw you guys at Mohegan tonight - great show! PS you're hilarous. #AsSimpleAsThat. Come back soon so I can get my SNC fix :)

amychrisgarner's picture

You guys are amazing! I had the best time at the Norfolk show tonight. I hope to see you guys again soon!!!

Chris_27's picture

Hey Walt,

The group does an awesome job with the Motown hits! It would be nice to have a performance here in Detroit the Motorcity. Windsor, ON is close, but not the same as being in Motown :-)

Patrick_2's picture


Thank you very much for yet another great performance last night in Columbus, OH! ... Hoosiers and Buckeyes alike, it's never a bad thing when the Big Ten represents so well in a Big Ten city. (Very nice move, Walt, on the memorabilia references. I say "well done", but also "OH -- IO!")

You hear the stories from fans all the time, but please allow me to share mine from last night. About 30 years ago, my mom and I went to a concert at the Palace Theater in Columbus -- it was a concert performed by the Singing Buckeyes, a local barbershop chorus. As a freshman in high school, this was my first time seeing a full male chorus perform. (I had just joined choir and glee club at high school.) I later joined the Men's Glee Club at Ohio State University and, out of that group, the "Statesmen", a group similar to SNC. My mom passed away recently, and last night's concert was my first trip back to the Palace since. As expected, your performance allowed me to relive a memory or two and to celebrate, with you, the greatness of parents who encourage their children to follow dreams. My mom loved your music, too! Thank you for all you do for art, culture, and the encouragement to all of us to live your passion. Exceedingly well performed, as usual. But also very meaningful on so many additional levels.

Of course, Go Buckeyes! (And "Go Hoosiers!" where not in direct or indirect conflict with the Buckeyes.)


neneco73's picture

I think you should change your "profile" picture to the animated one I took of you in Colorado Springs. You all did a fantastic job, I did not want the show to end. 5th row, 3 seats off center was good but next time I might want a seat ON STAGE, lol. You had asked the person in front of me in line what their favorite song was, they stated 12 Days of Christmas, I do believe my fave is The Christmas Can-Can. 12 Days is phenominal, and it is what got me started as a Chaser, however the originality of Can-Can is GREAT. Keep doin' what you do. :)

Lisa N.'s picture

Love the new Buddy Holly song! Glad to see you on lead - I appreciate your talent and love to hear you sing. Hope you are having a fantastic time on Fall Tour! Blessings, friend!

Carrie's picture

Hi from another June baby. Loved seeing you in Madison on Wednesday night! It was my first time seeing you guys live but I'll definitely be at future SNC shows.

MAC_3's picture

What a great show in Des Moines tonight! We enjoyed watching you guys from our seats in the 4th row. Amazing voices and great personalities of SNC made for a very energized audience!! We did not want it to end. We thank you again for the meet-and-greet afterwards!

MRS. O'C 5's picture

Hey Walter....Luv the Buddy Holly song & glasses! It rocks just as much as that New York baseball team. (You know the one on my cup!)

MAC_3's picture

Thanks for the excellent show in Kansas City this afternoon. It was well worth the three hour drive to see you. We appreciated you guys having a "meet-and-greet" with us even though you had a second show to get ready for tonight in KC. Even the people who work in these theaters comment on your generosity. Very few artists stick around to visit with their fans; we're glad you do! See you in Des Moines on Tuesday!

Karen Wagner's picture

Hi Walt. I just wanted to say thanks so much. I was at your show in St. Louis on Saturday night sitting in the front row. While you were singing Down By The Boardwalk you noticed I was taping and walked right over and looked and pointed down. You made my year! It's so wonderful how you guys can make the audience feel so much a part of everything. I saw you last time you were in St. Louis, last night at the Fox and I will be first in line to get tickets the next time you come to St. Louis. I have all your CD's already, so I am anxious for your new one to come out. Thanks again.

Whitney's picture

Hi Walt, I have been directed to you for this question - I am a student teacher at a high school in Colorado - we have an all guys acapella group that is desperately wanting to do your arrangement of "fix you" - a student passed away at their school - it was the student's favorite song and they are hoping to have the acapella group sing it at the funeral- is there any way to get the arrangment from you guys? we would of course give full credit and pay if that's necessary - if you could email me at I would so appreciae it!

FMR24601's picture

Cant wait to see you guys on 11.26 in AC at Cesars! It'll be my first ever SNC show! Cheers!!

44soccerspin44's picture

I've been trying to see you guys live ever since the radio played your 12 Days of Christmas on the radio years ago. I'm so excited to be going to your show in Roanoke!! What can I expect to be hearing there? Old favorites? New renditions? Original songs? And will I get to see you dance? :D Good Luck and have fun!