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Wife. Mom to 2 crazy kidlets. A cappella evangelist. Coffee snob. Swimming fanatic. Romance novel junkie. Penn State proud.
SF Bay Area
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Pro a cappella: Straight No Chaser, Take 6, Pentatonix, Sonos, Tonic Sol-fa, Cadence, Overboard, Blueprint, transit, Musae, Swingle Singers, King's Singers, Fork, Naturally 7, Boxettes, Traces, Euphonism Collegiate a cappella: Voices in Your Head (U Chicago), On the Rocks (U Oregon), BYU Vocal Point, Penn Masala, Rhythm and Blue (Duke), Clefhangers (UNC), Hyannis Sound, Pitchforks (Duke), Whiffenpoofs (Yale) High school a cappella: OSA Vocal Rush, Forte
United States
Christine M.
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April 9
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SF Bay Area
Huntsville, AL
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Married with children
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Yeah, I only wish my abilities matched my love for a cappella music. =)
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SNC and my Chaser friends, trashy romance novels, musicals, swimming (the sport, although I like to swim, too), cemeteries.
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
Dead Poets Society, Hunt for Red October, Love Actually (OK, anything with Colin Firth works)


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My in-laws live right outside of Pensacola. May sounded like a good time to go for a visit. I am taking my mother in-law, sister in-law, and mom to the show as a surprise early Mother's day present. It will be a first show for all of them. My in-laws have never heard of them. I showed a video to my mom and she was instantly interested. Now I know where I get my good taste in music from. LOL

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Stopping by to show you some love!!
Take care, sweetie!

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i miss you!

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I never get to chat with you these days, but I think of you often! Take care sweetie.

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I used to drive through that area when we'd go visit friends in Marysville. Cali was fun but I'm glad to be back home in VA!

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Hey there! I lived in Huntsville for a while and also in San Jose. Whereabouts are you in the Bay Area? I totally don't miss the traffic!

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L says (1 day ago)
Donna,Christine,Terry,S.,Sheri, Thanx for the kind words. And,here is the story about this photo, the artwork, and the other photos you have not seen yet.

We were a the Mesa Arts Center in Arizona after the concert, waiting to take a photo w/ the guys. That went well, except that I stepped on Randy’s foot with my high heel (he is standing to my left.) Of course, I apologized profusely, although, as he said “no harm done” or some other words thereof, I am sure I made some major indentation on the bridge of his left foot.
Afterwards, we headed out to the car to settle in for the drive back to Tucson. We made a stop at the “Iron Skillet,” for some great “truck stop” food, they make great Patty Melts and Crispy Fries (Interstate 10 westbound side between Tucson and Phoenix.) While we were waiting for our food, I decided to go out to the car and get my camera so we could look at the photos I took during the show; although, the camera was no where to be found...I am heart sick. The camera can be replaced, but, the photos that were on it, never. I called the Arts Center next day, nothing was found or turned in. I was hopeful, but dreaded the inevitable. I left my number in the event that it would turn up.

Five weeks pass and I have given up even thinking that I will see the camera again, when one day I get a call that a camera has been turned in...a miracle perhaps? It is Dec 8th, the last day of Chanukah. I drove up to Mesa and sure enough someone had returned the camera w/ all photos and one additional one that simply said "SORRY."
T’is truly the season of miracles and blessings and good deeds. I am happy to share the art, the fun, and now the story about the photos.

PS. working on a montage of the some of the other be downloaded, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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thanks for the reply. tonight's concert was FANTASTIC!!!! All Hail Sinfonia!!!!

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Christine - what did you make the coasters out of? They really are very cool!

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That statement would most definitely be a two-way street there, Mabry =)

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NICE coasters. POINT!

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Thought I'd stop by & say "hi"! Thanks for being there for me!! Have an awesome day!

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Gaga's me. Thanks for the compliment. Take care. -WC

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Hi Christine!

I do have a twitter, and am following SNCTBugs! My name or whatever it's called is @jillian_ashton. I'll try to find you! :)


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Agreed on Rusty getting his own website, although I'm pretty biased ;)

Thanks for the note, Christine!

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Thanks Christine, appreciate you writing to me on my profile. Happy New Year and take care. -Walter Chase

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Hi Christine! Thanks so much for the kind words - I hope you can make the show in Fresno, and yes - it would be great to come to Oakland sometime soon :) Happy New Year !