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Member name: 
About Me: 
I work as a data administrator in the Purchasing Department of a major farm equipment manufacturing company that is NOT green.
scrapbooking, listening to music (just about all kinds), gardening
United States
Birth Name: 
Julie Ann Futer
August 21
Birth Sign: 
5' 8"
Currently Living In: 
My Hometown
New Holland, Pennsylvania
Relationship Status: 
quick wit
Favorite SNC College Memory: 
I like SNC's MAC DVD. (did I use enough acronyms for that?)
Musical Influences: 
my family, singing in the school chorus for six years. The Sing Off and Straight No Chaser have reminded me why I love acappella music!
Favorite Songs to Perform Live: 
haven't sung in public for a looooong time.
Favorite Place You've Traveled: 
Spain was fun. Loved Hawaii. And, anywhere where the journey ends at the home of a friend of family member.
Favorite Things in General: 
The unconditional love of my cats; cool summer evenings, unhurried visits and great conversations with friends, home brewed iced tea.
What Magazines/Periodicals do you read consistently?: 
Local newspaper online
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Foods: 
tiramisu, chicken parmesan, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, chicago-style pizza, and a dusty road sundae made with coffee ice cream
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Books: 
Big Russ and Me, The Biggest Brother
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Movies: 
What Dreams May Come, Brigadoon, The King and I, White Christmas, Pillow Talk
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Bands/Artists: 
SNC, Billy Joel, Eagles, Celtic Woman, Jackson Browne (some of these change with my mood)
Name Your Top 5 Favorite Songs: 
Up on the Roof (SNC-style), Smoke of a Distant Fire, A Change is Gonna Come (Seal), Brandy (You're a Fine Girl), Zak and Sara


NjScott's picture

You are awsome AND COTM?!?!? What a combo! It's been a pleasure getting to know you, Julie. Hope to see you at a show soon.

Rich Bentel's picture

Julie - Congratulations on this terrific honor!! All of us really appreciate all your videos and pictures to help us enjoy the SNC experience from the comfort of our homes! Thank you!

ChaserJulie's picture

Thanks, Rich! It was a very nice surprise! I have to get back to posting some more photos. The website has been a little difficult with all the changes they've made in the past few months. Stay tuned... you never know when something new will appear!

Thanks, again! WebCrew's picture

Congrats on being the December '12 Chaser of the Month!! --SNC WebCrew

ChaserJulie's picture

Thanks, WebCrew!


KarenPNWChaser's picture

Julie, do you know of anyone looking for a roommate on the cruise? I'm looking for a roommie!

Kris Kufta's picture

Hi Julie! I can put up about 4 - 6, comfortably (depending on sleeping arrangements) - I could put more up if someone didn't "roughing" it for a night ...not in a bed or on an air mattress! WebCrew's picture

Hahaha! Oh, spammers... they just never learn!

Happy holidays, Julie.. thanks for being an awesome Chaser!

--SNC WebCrew

Ron Winter's picture

OMG hun, no! I had no problem with it. I was more bothered by the others for leaving. I felt we coulda all stayed in line together. I would have loved to have talked to you more. I didn't note anyone saying anything about people cutting the line. I thought I was there with you when it was the end of the line. Heh. All is fine, hun. Love ya! :{>

Ron Winter's picture

Ok. Kinda bummed we won't see everyone at a meal first. But yeah, we expect to get there early before the show. We are way up top. Next time, I am getting my tix quick so we can get better seats. But this place doesn't seem to have any BAD seating. We are staying for the meet and greet too. Hope to pick up 6 Pack 1 and 2. :{>

Ron Winter's picture

Hey are you doing the dinner package, or is there an option for some of us to get together for dinner before the show? Please lemme know when you can. Thanks. :{>

Ron Winter's picture

That's great! Look forward to seeing you all. :{>

Ron Winter's picture

Hi Julie! Pat and I, as well as a couple friends are goin to the Baltimore show. Will we see you there?

JennAnn's picture

Hi Julie, I saw the comment about your camera and the Baltimore show. What kind of camera do you have? and what happened? I'm bringing my dslr camera possibly with a few lenses and didn't know if I would get "in trouble" by the theater or not haha. Hopefully I will see you there :)

EileenR's picture

I sent you a FB message- let me know what you want for dinner 11/19!

kayzie's picture

Yea Julie!! There is nothing a true Chaser cannot do!!! So glad to know you.

kayzie's picture

Hi Julie: I just happened upon Pennys sadness about not receiving her SNC WAT DC/DVD Deluxe Version. I have had the same problem and thank you for your ideas on how to help ourselves get this wonderful set. Marie Sheel has not responded to me either--via email or phone. Makes me sad. Customer service is very important. Hoping I will get some action on this soon, You are the bomb!!

Ron Winter's picture

Nope, I thought you were serious. Now I know better. Good luck with getting Pat on here, but ya never know. HUGZ!

Ron Winter's picture

It's Ron, Carla and Rob's friend. I usually am equipped with opposable Pat. We met you before you left after the AC PBS taping.

Ron Winter's picture

Hiya Julie! :{>

Cathy's picture

Oh I'm so sorry for responding to the wrong place. I'm new to the SNC website and got so excited when I heard you had pics., I guess I got a little flustered! lol :) Got the photos. Thanks again!! All of your pictures from that evening were great! And a belated Happy Birthday to you!

Cathy's picture

Hi Julie..
I was the lucky girl they chose to sing Uptown Girl to on Sunday, August 21. I noticed you posted pictures from that night. Is there any chance you might have one of me with them??

seggie's mom's picture

Thank you Julie, I too am excited to get a chance to meet you as well.

S. Brandon's picture

Eileen had the right take, Julie -- I was just attempting to harass Ryan about the pronunciation of "diabetes." Although it's perfectly true, both of us being from central Indiana, that I would think he would have grown up hearing it the same way.

BooBoo_2's picture

Julie!!! Loved your pics!! (Especially the one of Seggielicous!!) LOL You and your camera are the best!!! :)
Thank you so much for sharing!!

ToriCanuck's picture

Thank you so much for sharing your AC photos, Julie!! You are such a talented photographer!!
I wish there is a love button for the pictures.

Brittain's picture

Thanks for posting pictures of AC, I would comment on all of them but that may be alittle much! They all are so good!

Brittain's picture

LOL! Feel bad for me I have to wait 168 days, you will have to tell me all about AC!

Brittain's picture

Well then, yay that you get to see SNC in two months!

Brittain's picture

Hey its only two more months until its your birthday! Oh the things I notice....

pitmanette's picture

You must have been lots closer than we were, love your photos!

ToriCanuck's picture

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos from Gburg, Julie!! :)

Vixter's picture

Thank you so much for posting the Gberg pics Julie! Makes those of us who didn't get to go feel a bit better! Looks like you had a blast!

pitmanette's picture

Guess it won't happen then, I am normally okay on the computer, but this request seems to be stopping me at every turn. Then was no message thingy to send a message to any of them. I understand they are busy, but other than sending them a snail-mail request now, and where would I send it? I believe I'm out of ideas. Thanks anyway.

Jessica_15's picture

Ahhh...quick wit. That sounds like my kind of trademark. Ha!

Betty897X's picture

Thanks, Julie. Yes, I do make my stuff in photoshop. Several years ago a friend gave me an older version of photoshop. Honestly, it sat on my computer for probably a couple of years before I had the motivation to teach myself how to use it. Eventually, I was motivated to try to learn how to use it after I was inspired by another fan wallpaper maker in another fandom in which I was involved. It really took YEARS for me to teach myself how to be decent at using the program. I'm sure there is *plenty* that I still don't know. I would recommend checking out online tutorials (Many fan graphics makers have tutorials online.) and investing in a couple of the "for Dummies" books. That's what I did and eventually (literally, after a couple of *years*) I felt like I was using the program instead of the program was laughing at me for having no idea what I was doing. I'm the kind of person who generally learns by doing when it comes to computer programs and I'd say that was the case with 75% of what I've learned about photoshop, but a few things I was just never going to figure out until I read something from someone who knew what they were doing. Anyway, good luck. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I'll help if I can. :-)

Kathleen's picture

I wasn't sure if it had happened to him or he was retweet...either way it was funny....long week, but I am working the weekend also 3-11..I actually like it cuz I get days off during the week. Things going well here.

Annie L's picture

I loved your comment/post on klancy96's discussion-it brought tears to my eyes. I loved that we sat at the same dinner table, though I did not yell across as often as I should have! I am happy to have rung in 2011 with you, and the Street Corner Countdown will forever remain a fond memory of our NYE w/SNC.
I look forward to another gathering of the MAC (Mid-Atlantic Chasers), even if we're not en route to a (much-desired and longed-for) SNC show. I'm not *that* far away and would love to be included in the dinner that's planned :)

El in Fishers's picture

Thank you, Julie, for your kind email. We were probably within feet of each other at some time during the evening and just didn't know it. Kath and I got to meet a half dozen or so Chasers before the show began but once it started, all bets were off! TOTALLY enjoyed the show The Guys gave us...and am really enjoying the youtube postings that are beginning to be watched by folks.

We hope that 2011 is off to a great start for you, and that it brings much pleasure and opportunity.

Bye for now.

El, for Kathy too

seggie's mom's picture

Julie, thanks for your kind words and have a great time tonight. I will be there in spirit celebrating with everyone tonight. Can't wait to see the pictures.

El in Fishers's picture

Dear Julie,

Talk about an encouraging and uplifting post! Thank you for all you said. Let's really anticipate a great time in Reading together...looking forward to meeting you and a bunch of other SNC family and friends that evening. (and yes, Kath and I really do bust our buttons regularly about The Guys and happy for them and absolutely endlessly thrilled for their success and each new twist (!) that happens or surfaces, regardless of where or when. Last night they were in Jacksonville, FLA and my sister and husband were there...met with Ryan..LOVED it all of course. That was preceded by Kath's folks in Tampa and my niece and her family in Raleigh last weekend and my aunt in both Des Moines and Omaha and Fraternity brothers and wives in Atlanta and .... well, you get my drift, I'm sure. And the JOY from getting calls just prior to the first curtain going up, and at intermission and the meet &'s a blast and through them all, we hear how kind and attentive and remembering Ryan is to all. It's simply heartwarming, and heck, the guy's a MAN and he's kind and talented and funny. When we hang out and drink a beer together or play catch or go out for a burger, I can only thank God for such experiences in my life AND then I think about how he's touching other folks as a gentleman as well. BLOWS my mind but for all the right reasons, know what I mean? AND oh by the way, he's doing what he does NATURALLY and he's having a blast doing it (and yes, making a living at the same time). WONDERFUL experiences all the way around. OK, I'm done. :-)

ANYWAY....thanks again for YOUR kindness, Julie. Keep loving on the The Guys like the rest of's a blast!


LovedeAcapella's picture

Hiya Julie. I just got bathroom tiles I liked from Lowe's, printed the album covers onto tissue paper (found instructional video on YouTube), and decoupaged with matte Modge Podge. I also glued rubber pads on the bottom four corners, but you could also use corkboard.

kayzie's picture

Hey, by the way, aren't you up kinda late? Thank you again.

kayzie's picture

Thank you for your response to my plea for a password. I am afraid I don't know anyone who would know the password. I live in Washingotn State. I sent a request to you to be a friend on facebook thru Rebekah Paulsson' site. I don't know if you knew who I was. Anyway, thank you so much. Chasers rock!!

kayzie's picture

re: SNC's MAC DVD: Do you have one? How I want one. I have been trying on Amazon, etc. Any chance of copying it? I would be happy to purchase it. I have heard so much about it. Being a CHASER is the best, isn't it?????

luvSNCVA's picture

I will gladly teach SNC101 :)

Michelle Z.'s picture

Thanks for the comment to my profile the other day!! I'm starting to realize how nice everyone on here is, and it's making it easier....I can be completely random at times too, once you get me started, so being a little left of center is good!!

klancy96's picture

It's going to be like the airport carry on checker "Excuse me, does you camera fit in this box?" lol

BooBoo_2's picture

Yup!! BooBoo, that's me!! But how could you not tell!! I like to believe my profile pic is one of a kind!! HeeHee
You haven't lost you mind, but you almost lost your camera!!! LOL
What a great recap on FB!! Hope you had a great weekend nonetheless!! :)

jallen6's picture

Thanks for all of your suggestions! I hope you had a blast at the concerts you went to, too!