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TaraBaucom's picture

capton ty

Nesa's picture

You guys are too hilarious. Charlie's face is so funny. Great pic, guys!

MaryDSinTX's picture

One of my favorite pics from the guys this year. It was my PC desktop wallpaper at work for several months. All my coworkers laughed every time they saw it... then, the female ones said something like, "those guys are pretty cute, Mary.." Yeah. I know.

KristinC's picture

Been two weeks since Gettysburg, and I still love this picture.

Maureen's picture

I truly enjoyed your performance in Gettysburg a few weeks back. For my first time seeing you in concert, I'd have to say it was perfect in every way.

scotlandluvr's picture

I was at the show for the Gettysburg Festival (which was just incredible, as always!!) and, silly me, thought you were kidding when you said you hit the old time photo studio!! Here's to all of you for bringing so much fun to everything you do!!

pitmanette's picture

I would totally go and watch them reinact. they are too cute!

SingForMe's picture

Too Cute!! :)

MaryDSinTX's picture

Randy looks good in a hat.

Tyler looks completely at home in that uniform - a natural to play the part in a historical movie..hmmm.

Oh, Charlie! Hah! You make me laugh every time I see this!!

Ryan is clearly having too much fun - he is in his element dressing up & playing a part... lol!

This is so good I am using it as my PC wallpaper at work - makes me smile & laugh every time I see it.

ChaserJulie's picture

Oh, sure! It's all fun and games until somebody gets shot! LOL Fun picture!!


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