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  • By pre-ordering now you'll be the first to get HOLIDAY SPIRITS when it's released on October 28th. Plus, the first 225 orders will also receive an autographed CD booklet with their album! Holiday Spirits

    The third SNC webisode is now online! Join Straight No Chaser in the studio for a behind the scenes look at the recording of the new album 'Holiday Spirits'. Speaking of 'Holiday Spirits', there are only 6 days left to preorder the album at the discounted price of $10! Get it now before it's too late.

    Also, for all of you Indiana residents, the IU Homecoming show on October

  • That's right, "Holiday Spirits" is being released in 26 very short days (but who's counting, right?). I feel like I need an advent calendar for the big day or one of those Santa Claus worksheets my 2nd grade class would put cotton balls on to create a full beard by Christmas. No one? Bueller?

    As I'm headed to NYC this weekend with Lauren for our one-year anniversary (yeah!), I'm really looking forward (frankly) to be in the city without three days of scheduled rehearsals - ha!

  • Hey everyone – we have several exciting updates for you this week. First of all – we are going to perform at Indiana University's Homecoming concert at the IU Auditorium at 7:30pm on Oct. 25th! Our new album, 'Holiday Spirits,' doesn't come out until three days later, on the 28th, but if you come to the concert, you can get the album in advance of the release date! Tickets go on sale tomorrow – you can order them through the IU Auditorium, or call (812) 855-1103. Prices are only $16.50, but for just $5 more you can get the ‘Holiday Spirits’ CD as well!

  • It's still very surreal at this point that all of this is happening for us. Some days it feels completely normal for me; others feel as though I need to be woken up from a daydream. Every once in awhile, the hope, joy, and excitement smash against the flood of "what if..." questions in my head and I freak. The anticipation we're feeling for this collective dream coming true (in only 5 short weeks!) has been mounting all year, really.

  • Sep 23, 2008

    I'm sitting down to dinner tonight after looking at a page of album art for SNC. What?!? I really can't believe this is all happening. Who would have thought that a little Christmas video from 1998 would have led to this? I remember graduating from IU and thinking that I never wanted Straight No Chaser to end. It was too much fun to sing and perform with my best friends in college. Now we get to start a new chapter and I hope that all of you enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you for all your support!


  • Excited to have the site launched for us. Very exciting times, please feel free to be interactive with us - post comments, send photos, keep us updated on what you're doing as well. Thank you for checking us out.

    -Walter Chase


  • That’s right, Straight No Chaser has been signed to Atlantic Records and we’re releasing a Christmas album on October 28th called ‘Holiday Spirits’. How the heck did that happen? We are still asking ourselves the same question, but we couldn’t be more excited about it!! And the best part is that we’ve been able to document pretty much the whole process – from our contract signing, to our first rehearsals together after 10 years apart, to recording the album back in Bloomington, IN.